How do bail bonds work?

A Bail bond is an insurance policy and it is a very important part of judicial system. Bail bonds are crucial pledges to be financially accountable for the bail set by the court.  It helps to minimize jail overfilling. The bond will be posted and the indemnities will be directed on how & approximately when the defendant will be released. The judge typically set a bail and a bond.

Portrait of successful businesswoman and colleagues on background, at office

Portrait of successful businesswoman and colleagues on background, at office

Once bailed the suspect should be abide by certain laws until his case is heard before judge. It ensures the presence of the defendant until the final hearing of his/her case. The suspect is expected to follow some laws and restriction until his case is heard before judge. When someone is arrested on suspicion of a crime, that person will be taken to jail and he/she can be asked for statement and fingerprints.

What is Bail?

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Bail is basically a financial process that bail bond agency makes on behalf of their clients.  Arrested persons can obtain bail but it totally depends upon the jurisdiction and the nature of the crime. It is possible that he or she can get bail within few hours. The amount of bail can vary from small amount to large figure. The fiscal value of bail is set by the court.  When a person fails to obey all the conditions set forth in the bail procedure then it leads to loss of the bail money and the person can be immediately return to the jail. Scheduled visits and electronic monitoring with law officials should be done during the provisional period of defendant. Bail can be directly paid to the jail in order to ensure defendant release trial. The amount of bail money that is required by the court is around one tenth of the total bail amount. It is basically a release of a person who is charged with an offence and he will appear in the court to answer the charge. Travelling outside the jurisdiction of court is prohibited in some cases or only possible with consent of court.

Role of Bail Bondsman

Bail bondsmen are professional agent who specializes in providing bail bond to the people who are charged with an offence. A bondsman charges a non-refundable fee from defendant for posting a bail. Bail bondsmen act as a third party in obtaining the temporary release and operates in many locations. A bail bonding agency helps the defendant to get bail in exchange for money which may be assets and cash.


Being arrested is very stressful and perplexing and it is imperative to choose right bail bond agency to protect yourself from mental trauma and financial hardships.

A Quick Look on the Types of Bail Bonds

What is Bail Bond?


A bail bond is a financial arrangement made by a bail bonding agency on behalf of the criminal defendant.

After the petition of bail bonding agency, the court agrees to release the suspect on the condition that he would show up at all court dates.

The suspect gets bail in exchange for money, assets or a bond and the monetary value of the bail is set by the court. The bond ensures the full payment of the bail amount. The court either accepts the full bond or a 10% cash down payment for the release of a convict.

The bail bonding agency safeguards that the accused arrives in court on the day of trial. Incidentally, if the suspect fails to come, the agency hires a bounty hunter for tracking the individual.

Types of Bonds

Unsecured Bond

Unsecured Bond is a bond which doesn’t require upfront money. The accused signs a contract and agrees to show up at all court dates. He also confirms that a particular bail bond amount would be paid by him if he fails to appear in court.

Cash Bond

Unlike Unsecured Bond, Cash Bond is issued when the bail is paid to the court in cash. The amount is returned after the defendant appears in court. Any person can issue Cash Bond on behalf of the defendant with the help of a professional bail bondsman.

Property Bond

Also known as secured bond, a property bond involves a pledge of real property. The defendant or anybody on behalf of defendant, willing to give his or her property as security can issue property bond with the help of agent. The court has the right to acquire the property if the defendant fails to appear in court. In most cases the value of the property (or the equity therein) must be at least double the amount of the bond.

Surety Bond

The Surety Bond is issued by the bail bondsman on the behalf of defendant. A bail bondsman charges a non-refundable fee and gets collateral from the defendant to reduce the risk of loss. However, if the suspect fails to appear in the court, the bondsman is accountable to the court. Similarly, a person accused of a federal crime needs to post a federal bond.

Bottom Line

Select the suitable bail bond very wisely. You should ask the bail bond agent to explain his charges through an itemized summary. Don’t forget to collect the receipts for each task and keep them carefully. State laws may be different from federal laws. Hence, do check your references carefully before selecting bail bonds San Bernardino.

Your Rights When to Get Arrested: Take Legal Help from Bail Bonds

Doing something illegal with a purpose or by mistake or intentionally can cause you a severe threat when you get caught up by the cops. This can result as you might get arrested by the cops with serious allegations. Many suspects who have been arrested without any guilty can secure their temporary release through bail. This means you can get bail easily according to the case and the crime committed the question implies here. Read this blog to know the inside story!

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What Can You Expect?

Meanwhile, when the arrests occur in different situations, it becomes difficult to predict with accuracy and the particular circumstances that someone who is arrested will be encountered. This guide provides general information on what to expect in the cases if you are arrested and the processing bail bonds in New York City.

Processing of Arrest

When you are arrested, you will be chained, and except many things in unusual circumstances. Then you will be taken to the division in which the arrest occurred for initial processing. At that division, a police officer will interview you asking for “true” information, which includes name, address, date of birth, and much. Once you have been arrested, you will be taken to the Central Booking and processed for a charge, which is an appearance before a judge.

If you know in advance that you might be get arrested then leave most of the personal property at home, and just take two forms of identification with you such as a current driver’s license or student identification card can be the best.

Your Rights on Arrest: Get Contacted to Bail Bond Agents

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After all the situation and you being in jail, now what to expect? Simply you just need to approach the bail bonds in New York to take care of the entire situation in all the aspects. It is also apparent that getting a bail is not a cup of tea for everyone rather it is a long time process indeed! So, for this you can hire an efficient bail bond agent in New York for bailing as they offer important aspects that would beneficial such as:

  • Active bailing plans according to the crime
  • Twenty-Four Seven services
  • Affordable Rates
  • Easy Payment Transactions
  • Valid Payment Plans
  • Examining the case in detail


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There will be times when, if you give an innocent explanation for what you have done, the police may leave you immediately. It will be wise not to discuss the case with the police until you consult privately with a bail bond agent.

Moreover, if the police are about to arrest you or have arrested you, then there is no ‘friendly chat’ to sort things in a proper way. Anything you say can later become against you. Therefore, think before you talk or put the bail bond agent from New York to the police.

Closing Lines

Therefore, bail bond agents in NY can help you in a greater way. They have trusted parties and do work being under the laws.

Bail Bonds: Getting Reprieve from Jail

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Brush with the law is not what anyone would dream of–especially in the city of Santa Ana which has very strict laws for offenders. However, bail bonds are a blessing in disguise for people caught breaking the law. Bail bonds in Santa Ana are security deposit presented in municipal courts to persuade the court to release a convict. Once bail is posted, the prisoner is released.

Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are security deposit where money is either paid in cash or by card in order to get a suspect released from jail. After court announces its judgement, which is in favor of the defendant the bail money is refunded to the depositor. It is the responsibility of the co-signatory that the premium of bail amount is regularly paid. Maximum the bail bond continues is one year, if the bail period has to be extended then additional premium needs to be paid.

Different types of Bails

Getting friend or family out on bail is not an easy task; you need assistance from good bail bond agent. There are four types of bails that you can opt for to release a person.

Cash Bail

In cash bail, amount is paid in cash to the court to release the person from custody. The offender is required to pay the premium till the trial gets over. However, bail plea is only accepted by the court if the crime committed is not punishable.

Recognizable Bail

In this case the defendant promises the court that he or she will mark their presence in the court during proceeding. Bail money is generally not paid in recognizable bail.

Signature Bail

For signature bail the judicial officer imposes a bond stating that the defendant has to be present in the court during every proceeding. Whenever the offender fails to do that, he or she will have to pay the bail amount.

Surety Bail

Surety bail bonds are like giving security to the investor. The defendant has to pay the borrowed money to the investor or bank. If the offender doesn’t pay, the surety has to pay the principle with interest.

Conditions of Bail Bonding

  • The offending party ensures that it will not get involved in any illegal activity
  • The defendant is released on the guarantee that he or she will attend every future proceeding
  • The defendant is release from custody till trial begins

Bottom Line

Bail bonds in Santa Ana present a way of getting a reprieve from the jail and living a normal life till the trial begins.