How do bail bonds work?

A Bail bond is an insurance policy and it is a very important part of judicial system. Bail bonds are crucial pledges to be financially accountable for the bail set by the court.  It helps to minimize jail overfilling. The bond will be posted and the indemnities will be directed on how & approximately when the defendant will be released. The judge typically set a bail and a bond.

Portrait of successful businesswoman and colleagues on background, at office

Portrait of successful businesswoman and colleagues on background, at office

Once bailed the suspect should be abide by certain laws until his case is heard before judge. It ensures the presence of the defendant until the final hearing of his/her case. The suspect is expected to follow some laws and restriction until his case is heard before judge. When someone is arrested on suspicion of a crime, that person will be taken to jail and he/she can be asked for statement and fingerprints.

What is Bail?

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Bail is basically a financial process that bail bond agency makes on behalf of their clients.  Arrested persons can obtain bail but it totally depends upon the jurisdiction and the nature of the crime. It is possible that he or she can get bail within few hours. The amount of bail can vary from small amount to large figure. The fiscal value of bail is set by the court.  When a person fails to obey all the conditions set forth in the bail procedure then it leads to loss of the bail money and the person can be immediately return to the jail. Scheduled visits and electronic monitoring with law officials should be done during the provisional period of defendant. Bail can be directly paid to the jail in order to ensure defendant release trial. The amount of bail money that is required by the court is around one tenth of the total bail amount. It is basically a release of a person who is charged with an offence and he will appear in the court to answer the charge. Travelling outside the jurisdiction of court is prohibited in some cases or only possible with consent of court.

Role of Bail Bondsman

Bail bondsmen are professional agent who specializes in providing bail bond to the people who are charged with an offence. A bondsman charges a non-refundable fee from defendant for posting a bail. Bail bondsmen act as a third party in obtaining the temporary release and operates in many locations. A bail bonding agency helps the defendant to get bail in exchange for money which may be assets and cash.


Being arrested is very stressful and perplexing and it is imperative to choose right bail bond agency to protect yourself from mental trauma and financial hardships.


Getting Bail through Bail Bonds Orange County


The whole process of posting a bail bond comprises of a contractual task guaranteed by a bail bond agency along with the person posting bail. In these cases, the bail agent offers a guarantee to the court of law that the suspect would appear in court whenever it is needed. Therefore, a bail band is a compulsion signed by people who have been suspect of an offense to secure their attendance in the court when called.

Bail bond fee

Bail Bond Agent

The bail agent takes a percentage of the complete bail amount from the offender for this facility. So, one benefit of the bail bond is that this compulsion ensures that the defendant will lose the amount they paid to get released if he or she doesn’t appear for the hearing. The offender or someone associated to the defendant gets in touch with the bail agent to organize post bail, ensuing in the release of the suspect. Generally, a family member or a close friend of the perpetrator will post bail as well as co-sign it. On the other hand, the co-signer or the person getting in touch with the agent for the bail bond should guarantee to pay the complete amount of bail if the suspect does not appear in Federal Court, before the bail bond is being posted.


Sometimes the bail bond agent does not need security to post the bail. An individual can also be bailed out from prison with a sign of a friend or a family member. Nonetheless, co-signers typically need to be employed and should own or rent a house in the similar area for some time. Once the agreement is signed, bail bonds Orange County can post a bond, to assure the suspect’s return to court.

Amount to Be Paid

In some places, the court permits the release of suspects after they fee ten percent of the bail bond expanse directly to the native jail or court. But this happens only in some cases wherein the offender cannot pay the complete bail amount in an instance. Nevertheless, in other states, respondents can organize for the entire bail amount from a bail bondsman.

The whole process of getting a bail through a bail bond is not that easy if you are trying to do it on your own. However, if you are taking the help of bail bonds Orange County then the whole process can turn out to be pretty simple.