Air charter services in India: a necessity not a luxury

It is quite an open secret that the demand for air cargo services in India is increasing day by day, and the stakeholders have really brighter prospects in the segment. In the decade of 90s, the then Government of India tried to boost up this segment and the sector got a major uplift. This step taken by the government created various venues and avenues for the new private players providing an array of new aviation related services in India. Air Shagoon, a New Delhi based company which is now a well-recognised aviation giant, initiated its move at that time, and proved its mettle within the arena.

The company has undertaken mega jobs of diversified nature including lending logistical support, different relief operations caused by man-made reasons and nature, and highly momentous cargo jobs like moving satellites from India to be launched from the land of any other country. The Centre for Aviation came into existence in the year 2003, and from the very first day, it has been involved in monitoring the aviation sector within the country in a very much minute manner.

Being one of the most celebrated air charter companies in India, Air Shagoon is presently providing private charter services across the globe. There was a time when opting for air charter services in India used to be considered a luxury, but under the fast changing socio economic scenario, these services now have become a necessity. Air Shagoon is one of the leading major within the sector and provides convenience, comfort, and absolute connectivity in their air charter services. The company helps people reach their destinations globally in the shortest possible time and at highly competitive rates. The service domains mainly include corporate travel, business trips, movie shoots, business trips, and sports turnaround across the globe. The services are available 24×7.


3 Reasons Why Dubai should be in Your Travel Bucket List

Are you a travel freak? Do you really wish to explore the places around the world? Are you planning for your international trip? So, Dubai is waiting for you. Amongst all the foreign destinations, Dubai is one of the favourites for Indians. There are many Indians who have already paid their visit to the country and it is your turn now.


When it comes to international trip there are many things that come to our mind. Ticket, expenses, hotels and all are the things which haunt the travellers. If you are planning your trip to Dubai then you really need not to worry about anything like that.

Dubai is one of the favourite travel destinations for people all across the world. In the last two decades the country has grown so far in its infrastructure and this gives a new definition to it. There are many people around there who have their limited knowledge about Dubai.

If you are planning for international trip then we would suggest you to make Dubai your priority. Wondering why? Here are the 3 reasons which will support your desire.

Sun, Sea and Sand: Yes, if you want to see the amazing creativity of man and nature then visit Dubai. Few years back Dubai was a deserted land. But, the story is totally different now. This small country has developed so much that it is giving travelling goals to people. If you really wish to see the perfect combination of sun, sea and sand is the reasons that you should visit Dubai. The golden sand, the pristine water and the beautiful sun, everything here will give you photography content.

Food: Dubai is a foodie’s paradise. With the population of people from all across the globe you can find multi-cuisine eateries all across the country. The country even hosts international food festival every year, and that is something that will give you the opportunity to taste the flavours of all across the country. So, if eating is in your bucket list then you should definitely visit Dubai

Amazing Skylines: Dubai exhibits the perfect example of modern art and design. If you love to capture the amazing skylines, then you should visit Dubai. Whether it is Burj Khalifa or the Palm Island, every special place here is perfect to capture in lenses. Imagine you are sipping your coffee at the 300th floor of Burj Khalifa and can see the clouds from window. Alike this, there are several other amazing things that you can spot here.

Definitely these are not the only reasons for visiting Dubai. It is also called as the shopper’s paradise. You can find all the international brands here. So, if you are a shopping freak, you should visit Dubai. People from around the world also come here to shop for gold. If you are planning for your Dubai trip then you can contact Dubai visa consultant in Delhi and plan for your journey unhesitant.

3 Reasons Why You Should Plan for Your International Trip Now

International travel is a fun and definitely memory for lifetime. Whenever you wish to plan your international journey, it gives a sense of satisfaction. The recent data reveals that people in India are giving preference to international trip over their domestic location.

But, there is a thing that always haunts the travellers and it is the ticket cost and all the other expenses related with the journey. Definitely it is something complicated to plan, but if you have a right strategy everything will go on well.

travel portal companies

Considering the international tour package from Mumbai, nowadays there are many travel portals that are providing attractive deals and discounts. Still, if you don’t know and are really confused regarding your international travel then here we are going to tell you something very interesting.

To ensure that you plan well for your international journey and everything goes on well with you, we are presenting some really interesting facts. Here are the 3 reasons why you should plan your international trip now.

Plethora of Options: The first and foremost important thing is the plethora of options which are available now. There are many trustable travel portal companies that provide international tour packages from Mumbai to different places. These are convenient to book and you can move ahead in your journey easily.

Attractive Offers: The second thing is the attractive offers. As there are many companies in Mumbai that provides international tour packages, it automatically raises the choices for the travellers. In order to lure the customers the travel portals are providing attractive offers, deals and discounts. So it is definitely a deal not to miss.

Easy Visa Processing: One very important thing which haunts the travellers for international journey is visa processing. When you are taking the international tour package from reliable tour operator, they will ensure that you will get your visa easily and without any hassle. It is not going to trouble you for visa because the travel companies will arrange each and everything required for the journey. On the other hand, if you will manage the things by own then there are chances to face visa rejection.

These are the three most important things that make international journey easy. There are many international destinations that are as cheap as roaming around any Indian location. So why travel in India when you are getting the same services in same price for international travel. Book your international travel package now and enjoy your trip to a foreign land.

Why the demand for air cargo services in India is increasing?

In the contemporary times, privatization, liberalization and globalization have wiped out the boundaries and all kinds of barriers around the world, for the things to happen and the affairs to take place. Now the economy of the world is working on the philosophy of the open door policy. It simply means that one is free to trade in each and every corner of the globe without any limitations and restrictions. With this phenomenon, arises the need of international transportation to carry the things from one place to another.

The services that have come into existence as a result of this demand are known as air cargo services. India as a developing nation is keeping pace with the world currently, and thus a never-before demand for air cargo services in India has started growing rapidly. These professional cargo services in the country include a wide array of services depending upon the means of transportation.

In India, past 10 years have witnessed a never-before growth in professional freight consultation services in the metro cities like Delhi, Bombay, Kolkata and Chennai and a few other mini metro cities, etc. Different logistic companies have also started giving military cargo service in India, particularly in the national capital Delhi with full undertaking of the responsibility of quicker documentation, minute monitoring of loading and unloading process of the consignments and warehousing, etc.

These air cargo services available in the metro cities in India simply make you worry-free from all your concerns related to global transportation of huge consignments in a fully professional manner. With private penetration, the air cargo services are witnessing an intense competition and the direct advantage arising from this situation is going all the way to the customers. The reputation of the Indian air cargo companies has been well recognised by the global business players, and as a result, these cargo companies are playing a pivotal role in moving businesses around the globe.

Pick Cargo Charter Flights Services To Delight New & Existing Clients

The numerous organizations provide the cargo charter flights services in India. However, it is quite difficult to find the right one for your delivery requirement. This is because of the fact that many of them advertise their offerings as the best. You need to dig deeper to find the perfect agency for delivering your goods to many parts of the country as well to the world.

The delivery of any type of products requires perfect management to deliver them on their scheduled day and time. It can only be possible if you select the right freight company. You have to shortlist few agencies in order to find the right partner for your products delivery. Simply go through their background to get an idea of the quality of their services. Observe their delivery mechanism and delivery standards followed by them.

The experienced agencies have amazing workers in their unit. They are trained regularly for handling any size of consignment. The workers are trained to take care of the ground handling services that includes the required paperwork, loading & unloading of the entire consignment, safety of the consignment, etc. Few workers are always there with the consignment for the security purpose to give you peace of mind during the entire delivery.

The fierce competition in the export sectors has forced the manufacturers to utilize the offerings made by the freight companies to get their consignment delivered on time. There is a huge chance of losing customers if they fail to deliver their shipment on time. The clients take this matter seriously. Therefore, select a good freight company to make a good impression in front of your customers.

The dynamic rise of the freight organizations has made all the difference required in the export and the logistics sector of our country. The manufacturers are getting new customers easily by delivering their consignment on their scheduled day and time with the help of the air charter companies in India. The reputation of an organization increases manifold if they deliver their shipment constantly on time. It helps them to find new customers as well as making sure their existing customers are happy with their offerings.

Select The Perfect Charter Flight Services For Your Cargo

Every organization involved in the export sector relies solely on quick and timely delivery to maintain their reputation among their clients. Nowadays, a lot of changes are happening in the export sector. The arrival of the charter flight services by many service providers has helped many companies to deliver their goods on the scheduled date and time.

Our country has always benefited from the huge export sector. The textile products are the most exported items from India. Our textile products are in huge demand in many foreign countries. The massive demand can only be met if the textile companies take help from experts while delivering their products across the continents.

The textile and the export sector support each other in a tremendous way. With the help of the large-sized aircraft, consignment of any size can be delivered without any risk. The proficient workers of the freight service providers have been trained by their seniors for handling any type of shipment with love and care.

The main concern for any organization during the transit of their consignment is its loading and unloading. We have seen many incidents where the shipment gets damaged simply due to negligence or carelessness of the workers. That’s where the new freight service providers differ from their earlier counterparts. They train the new workers for etiquettes and proper skills for the management of any kind of shipment.

Their have aircraft of various sizes that helps them to accommodate any kind of cargo. Each delivery is accompanied by few workers in the aircraft. They keep a close eye on the safety and security of the cargo. You will get a tracking number so that you can follow the entire journey from a site or an app.

Once the cargo reaches its destination, you will be promptly notified. Therefore, select a good company to get the best cargo charter flights services in India. Their selection process is an extremely tough process due to the huge number of organizations with such services. You can find the perfect delivery partner by carefully going through the costs and management factor of the firms.

Check The Features Of Ground Handling Services Before Signing Up For Cargo Delivery

Air Ground Handling Services in India, Special Handling Cargo Services in India

The air route is the preferred route in the export and manufacturing sectors. The companies working in these sectors require timely delivery of their cargo to the intended destinations. Any company can benefit with dedicated air ground handling services in India. An experienced company can provide better results due to their expertise in this domain.

Just like the other mode of transportation, delivery by the air route also required a good planning. Everything needs to be managed properly by a bunch of efficient staff. Many airports do provide such facility at a price. However, several third-party service providers also exist that provides special handling cargo services in India.

The delivery process of the goods goes through various phases. All the steps are required and must be followed with utmost care. Many airports simply refuse to give your flying permission if you fail to follow the protocols. For this reason, you need to take help of these special service providers especially in a country like ours where bureaucracy can sometimes cause delay the delivery process.

These companies hire employees for the tasks through a rigorous screening process. Furthermore, they are required to undergo several rounds of training before they can actually get to work in the airport. It’s all about brand image. They exude a truly professional outlook towards their work regardless of its hectic and tiresome nature. It’s the quality of the workforce that provides the real advantage in such situations.

Your products will be loaded and unloaded with extreme care. They will follow the airport protocol of security and safety throughout the entire delivery and handling of your goods. Just like you, they also want to deliver the products in the safest way. You will be given a tracking number that will keep you informed about every progress happening with your shipment.

Many organizations simply don’t research about the service quality of such service providers. It’s vital to know your partner that will manage an important part of your goods delivery. For this reason, you must select only a reputed firm for the air-ground handling services in India for a hassle-free shipment.

Flourishing Heavy Cargo Transportation Services in India

Driven by some specific key factors such as low-cost carriers (LCCs), state-of-the-art airports, helipads and recent foreign direct investment (FDI) in airlines, information technology (IT) applications, the Heavy Cargo Transportation Services in India have literally scaled newer heights.

At present, India is the 10th largest player in international civil aviation market, and its size is approximated to be 16 billion US dollars by the end of the year 2018. Tony Tyler, the DG and CEO of International Air Transport Association (IATA) is said to have observed that the principal focus of the aviation world has been on Indian market in the recent past.

As dominant providers of heavy cargo solutions in India, these heavy cargo service companies have always been playing a decisive role in transporting Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Satellites from India to the launch-point. These solutions providers were also effectively instrumental in ferrying a large number of Dhruv helicopters too.

According to the recent statistics, till August 2016, the total freight carriers rose by 6.7 per cent on yearly basis to 333,770 tonnes vis-à-vis 599,480 tonnes in January 2015. So, the global freight traffic in the country has witnessed higher level of growth (9.2 per cent) in comparison to domesticated heavy fright movement (3.9 per cent). When needed, these companies also provide military cargo service in India contributing to the defense of the country.

In the domestic flight passenger segment, the traffic in the third quarter of 2016 elevated by 20.4 per cent reaching the magical figure of 20.3 million. This was against 18 million in the corresponding time span of the year 2015. The total number of air passengers transported in June 2016 increased by 15% on yearly basis to 9.9 million from 8.8 million in June 2015. As on June, 2015, the domestic and international traffic in India arose by 6.4% and 16% respectively.

Why to Choose Cargo Charter Flight Service?

Air Charter Companies in India

Cargo charter flight service is a very good option for those businesses who deal with any type of sensitive goods which the conventional airlines object to carry. In such a situation, the cargo charter flight option is always available to you. There are various other benefits that a cargo charter plane provides over the regular commercial airlines.

If you have to urgently transfer goods from one place to another, then charter cargo option would be the best because it saves a lot of precious time. You have to go through all the lengthy processes pertaining to check-in and other hundred kinds of formalities in a commercial flight, which is not the case with a charter one.

In terms of flexibility also the charter flight is far better than the commercial flight. The commercial flights have their own fixed schedules; moreover, there can be delays as well. In a charter cargo flight the airline follow your schedule instead of you following theirs. Also, you can make the flight land on your desired terminal, rather than a fixed terminal in case of a commercial flight.

A charter flight is your private flight and hence, you are not required to divide your cargo into small quantities as some commercial airlines require. You can quickly load the whole cargo as per your convenience in the flight and make it leave for its destination right way without wasting any time.

There are businesses that deal with perishable goods, which need to be loaded in the flight quickly and transported to their destination. Such businesses cannot afford to go through the lengthy airport formalities, which one has to go through in a commercial flight, otherwise the whole consignment would be compromised. Here, charter cargo flight proves quite beneficial.

Sometimes, essential items such as food packets and medicines need to be sent to remote inaccessible places urgently, in case of natural calamities, disasters, etc. The stranded people over there need immediate support and any delay would prove costly. In such cases, it is the charter cargo flights that come as a saviour.

Air Shagoon Group is a reputable charter flight services provider recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. It is a leading name among the Air Charter Companies in India that offers road transportation and Cargo Charter Flights Services in India to private parties as well as for Government requirements. They are a proud cargo and freight transportation services provider to the Indian defense forces. You may rely on them for any of your cargo transit requirements.

Why FDI Will Give a New High to Aviation Industry in India


Just after the government of India liberalized the economy of the country in 1991, a large number of private players started coming to the surface with their high potential ventures. Some of the major verticals in which private players got entry were-

The Air Charter Companies in India have made a remarkable progress in comparison to other business verticals. Till the year 1991, there used to be only a single Airline service in the country. But, in the next 10-15 years, around 12 private companies came into play. The chartered flight services provided by these companies have created a new history in Indian Aviation sector.

Salient Characteristics of These Chartered Services

Air Charter Companies in India Cargo Charter Flights Services in India

  • Immediate arrangement of all types of super aircrafts as per the needs of the customers
  • Complete technical, medical and general support during the flight
  • Arrangement of landing permissions in advance for all types of aircrafts
  • Assurance of technical /over-fly permissions
  • Clearing fragile goods in an effortless manner
  • Ground handling facility is provided at all the designated airports across India to the aircrafts and their crews.
  • Immediate arrangement of replacement of A.O.G aircrafts on an urgent basis.

These chartered flight services run by private players in India are used not only by the rich and mighty of the society, but also by the government during the times of natural or man-made calamities like wars. Air Shagoon is one of the leading companies in India providing these services. As per a recent report published in the Financial Times, the aviation sector in India is going to get a huge high by the year 2020, as the government has already given its consent to 100% foreign direct investment. New players have already registered their presence in this sector, and 50 new airports in the tier-2 cities of India will give a never-before boost to this industry in the times to come for sure.