Tips to Buy Ceiling Fans for your Office

You probably need some high quality ceiling fans to allow your employees to work in comfort and maximise their productivity. Though most modern offices have a centralised air conditioning system, it is important to remember that you cannot do without high quality fans. Air conditioners and fans complement each other and do a good job of keeping the office cool while also driving down the electricity bill. So if you are looking for ceiling fans for office, please pay attention to the following factors which will help you choose ceiling fans that are an impeccable combination of design, style and efficiency.

Efficiency of the fan

First and foremost you need to take into account the efficiency of the fan which is usually measured as CFM (Cubic feet per metre). CFM refers to the amount of air that the fan can move. It is pretty obvious that the higher the number, the more air the fan will deliver. However, CFM should not be the sole criterion for determining the efficiency of a fan. You do not need a large size fan for a small office space. Also, the higher the number the more noise the fan is likely to generate. Also, you can do yourself a lot of good if you care to look for fans that come with energy star level. The more the stars the fan has, more is its efficiency and the less electricity it will consume.

Look online

After you have made up your mind and summed up your requirements, it is the time to look online researching about the price of the fans you have in mind. It is important as you can easily look up the prices of the fans without going anywhere and also compare their prices on various ecommerce sites. Additionally, majority of the ecommerce sites have reviews from people who have brought the fan before and have had experience using it. Their honest opinions and reviews can tell you good deal about the quality and efficiency of the fan and whether it is worth spending your money on them. All these factors will help you select the best ceiling fans for office that will keep the environment cool and also do a good job of adding to the overall look and décor of your office.


Best Private University for MBA

Since the immemorial human beings are in a quest to learn more as they are inquisitive in nature. Why human beings are inquisitive and for what is a question well asked. They are always on the way to lean and earn more. Being a social animal, human beings are materialistic as well, as they want to earn for themselves, for their family, want to maintain a certain standard of living, want to maintain the status in the society. Its rightly said that Maslow’s need hierarchy theory is correct to some extent. After physiological needs are fulfilled, man is in search of safety and social needs. A sense of security by having a well-paid job and sense of belongingness in this world with friends, peers & family is required. For everything to be attained education is the foremost as without being educated a person may not reach heights in his / her personal and professional life. When a person knows that the education he/she is getting will land him/her with good job opportunities and a handsome salary package, he/she is all the more motivated to pursue it.

In this fast moving world, where the competition is cut throat, the parents are also all the more worried for a safe & secure future of their wards. To end this apprehension, they want certain professional qualification for their sons & daughters which can bring certain level of security.

To end all this, MBA is a professional qualification which can equip students with knowledge, technical know-how and personality attributes to land with a job in a good company and to face the competition in the corporate world. He specialization should be chosen according to the calibre and interest of the student. MBA program provides the knowledge of the corporate world, economy, current trends and happenings in different areas be it marketing, human resource, finance, information technology, international business or supply chain management.

MBA from IIMT University can help the students in reaching the limit they wish in their life. IIMT university is one of the leading university which is emerging as the best private university for MBA with qualified faculties, training sessions, personality development programmes, industrial visits etc to develop & maintain spiritual bent of mind. With excellent placement record and training & placement department working round the year, the PR is excellent and IIMT University boast about it.

Doing MBA from IIMT University can certainly give a high to a student’s life which he/she is looking for.

Management Graduation from Uttar Pradesh

The choice of career is based on a student’s aptitude and interest areas rather than on the subjects a student has taken. If one wishes to pursue a career in marketing and management, the best study route would be to take up some study of commerce or business related subjects, so as to lay some groundwork.

As career in marketing requires excellent communication and persuasive abilities, imagination and initiatives as well as good mathematical abilities. The main function of the marketing department is to identify customer’s needs and relate it to company’s ability to produce the products. it also includes devising strategies to enhance product sales.

If one believes that one can make a good career in marketing, the start can be with a bachelor’s degree in commerce, a B.Com or BBA. B.Com provides the knowledge and give a firm foundation for the variety of careers in the fields of business and finance. BBA or BBM (Bachelor of Business Management) or BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) as it is also called a professional application oriented course which trains a student in systematic and efficient management practices and exposes students to all aspects of business management including finance, production, marketing, human resource development, information services and so on. After BBA, the student can take up MBA in marketing if he/she is looking for a corporate career or in new and specialised fields such as digital marketing, marketing communication, social media marketing, retail marketing for which there is increasing scope.

BBA from IIMT University is the best option in Uttar Pradesh. With experienced and competitive faculty, industrial visit, personality development programme, spiritual studies different sports activities and world class state of the art infrastructure make IIMT University the most unique and competitive place to go for this programme. Discipline is the focal point along with the separate hostel for boys and girls. The course curriculum is so designed that it brings out the hidden potential and calibre of the student. Weekly group discussions, open house and cultural activities pave the way for holistic development of the students. Provision for scholarships for meritorious students is also there. The foundation for MBA is so strong that students can crack CAT and MAT exams. The BBA colleges of IIMT University are rated among the best BBA colleges of Uttar Pradesh.

Technology is transforming the way students are learning and introduction of smart classrooms are yielding very good results. Library facility is provided within the campus only. Live projects and training also help students to learn which definitely provide an edge of IIMT University over other universities in Uttar Pradesh.

Grab the Opportunity to Play in Best School Cricket League

It is hard to imagine a cricket-less India. This is one sport that is de-facto religion of the country bringing the entire country under one roof despite the vast difference in caste, creed, colour, race, tradition and religion among others. Cricket runs in our bloods and top performing cricketers are revered and worshipped as God. Emotions run high when India cricket team is facing a worthy opponent and you can easily guess which way the game is going just by looking at the face of the spectators.


There is no other sport in India that could match cricket in its overall popularity. Playing well at International level could bring you instant name, fame and of course untold wealth. You need not worry even if you are not selected for the international team as tournaments like IPL ensure that every cricketer worth his salt can enough to last generations.


In order to promote cricket in the country and help youngsters realise their dream of playing cricket at national and international level, The National School Cricket League (NSCL) organizes franchise-based school cricket league for youngsters between 12-18 years. A high quality cricket tournament for school Students, a total of 16 teams from all India will play for the coveted trophy and prize money in excess of INR 3 million. There are 16 teams/ franchise in the NSCL offering opportunities to 240 young and talented under-18 cricketers who will be selected from a Pan-India talent hunt conducted across 22 cities in 16 States.

cricket tournament for school students, school cricket league

NSCL offers a golden opportunity of getting selected to play the first-ever franchise-based school cricket league. The best-16 players emerging from the league each year will be provided sponsorship and special training for five years to prepare for national and international cricket.

The Regal Touch – Buy Semi Precious Jewellery & Trendy Earrings

Are you searching for that perfect jewellery piece to amp your outfit, you search ends here. We understand that women and jewellery are inseparable. They are these Siamese twins who have always loved each other whole heartedly. We at Indian August have curated a beautiful collection of semi precious jewellery with varieties of metals and stones to make your every occasion worth remembering. Always remember that all these semi precious jewellery at Indian August are an investment and not just a one-off purchase. So make someone feel special this season or simply gift it for you from our very best collection of trendy earrings and semi precious jewellery. Be it your mother, sister, girlfriend, or wife we guarantee, they will not be able to take their eyes off.

Add vivacity to your everyday look with trendy semi precious jewellery for women at Indian August. Explore the stunning range and get lost in the plethora of intricate designs and exquisite patterns of semi jewellery online that we offer here. We have wide range of materials to explore and experiment with. There are alluring earrings made up of antique brass, silver, semi precious metals and stone studded, and many others. Indian August has played with a huge design directory to make your summer fashion extra fabulous. Shop trendy accessories for women with earrings like kundan work, chandbali, peacocks, leaves, birds and many more. Depending on the occasion you are planning to wear we have shell necklace, long and short bead works for party wear and studs and other simpler versions for a simple minimalist look. For some looks to experiment with, you can dive into our crochet fabric collection and stand out in the crowd.

Always try to keep your statement chic and know when to stop. Sometimes colors are good but too much of colorful stones can ruin your outfit. Secondly, always tone it down when you have too much of a busy surface in your garment. Earrings can frame your face, so know what you want out of your outfit. Studs can give a formal classy look while chandeliers can draw attention while dainty drops are in middle ground between petite drops and major danglers. Just splurge into trendy earrings for women on our online store and make a fashion statement.

Buy semi precious jewellery online and trendy earrings for women to add a new spin to your favourite outfit. You will find endless options from numerous designers in styles ranging from vintage to fashion. Rest assured, you will find the perfect counterpart to your ensemble. So glam up your summer outfit and splurge in our precious affordable range online. Pull of your fashionable socks and slip into our online store now.

Layer it up – Buy cotton dupattas & Fashion Accessories

If you are thinking that the chill is gone and you can finally say bye bye to your stoles and dupattas the you are wrong. Remember the summer sun in India can prove to be real harsh against your skin. Layer up your casual wears with dupattas and stoles from Indian August. Stoles and dupattas can add color and texture to even your simple outfit. A beautiful ornamental dupatta makes even a cotton suit look so graceful. Buy these fashion accessories for women from Indian August and simply add extra notches to you look. One of the best part is, they are so versatile that you can layer them with any outfit-be it your denim shirt, a cardigan, a simple dress, shorts,t-shirts etc and still manage to look amazing.

We at Indian August think that after diamonds, dupattas and stoles can prove to be a best friend for all the beautiful ladies out there. And why not, you can put it around your neck or hang one onto your shoulder or simply make a turban out of it, dupattas and stoles are something every woman should have in their wardrobe. There are certain days in your life when you don’t feel like dressing nicely into outfits. Believe it or not this is when scarves can do wonders for you. Grab some fancy dupatta online from our selection of vibrant dupattas that come in eclectic colours and fabulous fabrics. Be amazed with the ecstatic range of cotton dupattas available in trendy colours. Add a sparkle to your ethnic party attire with cotton dupattas only at Indian August. Go gaga over our cotton dupattas with wide variety of jamdanis, soft pure cotton muls to silk chanderis, comfortable ikats, Maheshwaris and Kota block prints.

For all your special occasion buy form our selected dupattas and fashion accessories our royal picks like cotton banarasi dupatta and get the lavish look. There are minimal worked yet sophisticated dupattas also available that can be used for the casual events. So, buy pure cotton dupattas and handloom fabrics and give a twist to your ethnic side.

Reasons Why You Need to Establish a Strong Online Presence

Organizations in this age of globalization, intense competition, rapid internet penetration and explosion of internet enabled hand held devices, cannot hope to survive for long without a strong online presence. Nowadays, people are not only turning to popular search engines like Google and Yahoo, but also popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to gather information about different products and services.

Just imagine how much detrimental will it be for your business if all relevant information about your competitor’s products or services are visible online but not yours. Also, your message is pretty much useless if you cannot get it to your target audience. For example, you have designed and developed a most incredible message, but if you are blasting it out to the wrong audience who do not understand it or are not interested in it, then your message for all intents and purposes is worthless.

In sharp contrast, if you are communicating your message in an efficient way to an audience that desires such messages and is appreciative of the information provided, rest assured you have a winner at hand. A strong online presence as such could be compared to word of mouth on steroids. If people relate to your message, they are more likely to share your enthusiasm and pass on the message to your target audience.

This is the reason that when you wish to establish a strong online presence, you would start the journey with a website that is easy to access, navigate and load. Moreover, you would want it to present all the relevant information in a cogent and coherent manner. Also, a website that successfully incorporates your core business model and present and future business goals, is the one you should be aiming to have from the very start.

It is therefore of utmost important that you hire the services of a well-known and well-established web development company in Delhi which could help achieve all the objectives of having a website. A top web design agency with a knowledgeable and talented team of web designers, coders, copywriters and SEO specialists – all with knowledge of today’s digital market—can help you clearly communicate the message you wish to convey to your target audience.

With the advancement in technology and the rapid changes being witnessed in all industries and sectors, it would do your firm a world of good to have a website that can efficiently adapt and respond to latest changes and demands. Browser-less content, minimalist design, responsive web are the new terminologies being talked about in reference to web design. Qualified service providers of web development in Delhi are aware of these changing trends and as such are uniquely positioned to update your website without any hassles.

Top Placement Universities in North India

IIMT University has proven again that this in one Top Placement Universities in North India

with the massive number of placements in the most reputable companies in India. Every year when students find themselves despondent because of having no jobs. At the same time IIMT University provides the education in the manner so that the students are receiving calls from the best organisations from all over India. Students are being guided in the appropriate fashion for improving their commutation skills, leadership, integrity, enthusiasm towards the job, as well as the team works on every facet of the student.

If It is being ranked in one Top Placement Universities in North India the main reason is not only the faculty prepares students for the jobs but also train them in the way they could achieve their best in the future and brighten it at the same time. The main goal of IIMT University is to feed the students with their curiosity for their subjects not only theoretically but also practically. In addition, the lessons are designed and taught by the faculty in very interesting methods so that it becomes very easy to comprehend.

Excellence does not require the words it can be observed . IIMT University is working on the betterment of the education from last two decades. When the students get to know that around three hundred fifty companies participate in a university for campus placement only and most of the students secure jobs, it illustrates the fame, the unbelievable input and industry oriented approach of that university.

Moreover, the infrastructure, teacher and students ratio as well as the management attracts the students and motivate them to work on them so that they would be placed easily. Every year a massive hike can be seen when it comes to securing job by the students of IIMT University. Bookish knowledge can only make slaves those could work hard, In contrast the students in IIMT University are taught to lead from the front and to work smart.

In India, the engineering field has always been widely revered by parents. It is one of the few professions that has been able to barricade itself against the onslaught of automation and incredible progress. Moreover, with a boom in the IT sector, the demand for skilled IT personnel has grown manifolds. Hence, there has been a surge to secure admission in the top private engineering colleges in India. Thus IIMT UNIVERSITY has been rated on the basis of the infrastructure, placement statistics, quality of education, national importance, faculty competence, campus facilities and students’ preference.

Therefore, IIMT UNIVERSITY focuses on giving its students a well-rounded exposure to theory as well as practical knowledge, with an emphasis on developing soft skills. This, coupled with an arrangement of two placement seasons every year, has made it a preferred destination for top recruiters. Also IIMT UNIVERSITY has an independent placement office facilitating campus recruitment for MNCs & National Companies like Top Universities in the World and therefore, considered as Top Placement Universities in North India

Install Ceramic Tiles To Give Your Home The Perfect Makeover

Every person out there loves to decorate their home with various artifacts. Apart from the usual set of furniture and other stuff, most of the people spend a lot of time in finding the best tiles in Perth. They are the base for a beautiful home. People have now realized their power in terms of interior decoration.

They are available in several colors and textures. You need expert help while selecting them for your home. The limitless varieties in terms of their nature and design make it tough to find the right product. Their design and color should gel well with the interior design of your home. Otherwise, it will look horribly out of place if the color and design are not synchronous with the other variants.

You can find lots of tiles in the market, however, the ceramic tiles are quite a favorite among people. They are the best in terms of maintenance. They don’t require any special type of care from people. They have proved to be excellent against any water or dirt problems. They hardly lose their shine and texture against the above-mentioned objects.

They are highly adaptive when it comes to installation. They can be installed almost any place imaginable due to their versatile texture. They can create amazing effect related to home decoration from the inside as well as the outside. As stated earlier they hardly get affected by water, hence, they will perform with tremendous effect even if they face the continuous flow of water.

They are also extremely cost-effective compared to other home decoration products. They have a long lifespan that directly prove to be a great investment. In other words, they can easily be termed as the best products for the long-term investments in your home decoration. They have sturdy build quality. No stain can last forever on them. That makes them the most durable home decoration product in the home.

The versatility of the ceramic tiles in Perth makes them the perfect choice for most of the homeowners out there. You can install them without any worry to give your home the perfect makeover it deserves.

Stay Fit and Healthy with Kitchen Exhaust Fans

You need to be aware of the fact that exhaust fans are integral to every kitchen. Not only do they minimise the humidity and odour within the vicinity, but it also provides the ideal ventilation as prevention against the dangerous build-up of dangerous gases. Portable exhaust fans for bathroom and kitchen fans are an important part of your home’s ventilation system. They remove odours from your house, which improves indoor air quality. They also remove moisture, which decreases the level of humidity in your house. High humidity can damage building materials and can cause mould growth. Mould may affect your family’s health. Thus exhaust fans can serve an important function in your house.

Kitchen exhaust systems usually have the fan and fan motor in the exhaust hood. Other systems use an in-line fan, which is in the exhaust duct, or a fan outside the house. In-line and outdoor exhaust fans are usually quieter than systems with the fan in the room. A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) also exhausts moisture and odours. An HRV is a self-contained ventilation system that provides balanced air intake and exhaust. Like a central exhaust fan, it can be connected to several rooms by ducting.

But while purchasing and installing portable exhaust fans  for kitchen may seem like a simple job, there are certain factors you need to consider before even purchasing the fan. Previously, homeowners could opt for any of the few available fan choices available back then, but today, there are countless and diverse options that have been developed over the years.

Capability: Every kitchen requires certain airflow for adequate ventilation. The airflow for all exhaust fans for the kitchen is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. If you need to calculate the bathroom’s minimum airflow, multiple the bathrooms’ square footage by its height and divide it by 7.5 to find the exhaust fan’s CFM rating.