Grab the Opportunity to Play in Best School Cricket League

It is hard to imagine a cricket-less India. This is one sport that is de-facto religion of the country bringing the entire country under one roof despite the vast difference in caste, creed, colour, race, tradition and religion among others. Cricket runs in our bloods and top performing cricketers are revered and worshipped as God. Emotions run high when India cricket team is facing a worthy opponent and you can easily guess which way the game is going just by looking at the face of the spectators.


There is no other sport in India that could match cricket in its overall popularity. Playing well at International level could bring you instant name, fame and of course untold wealth. You need not worry even if you are not selected for the international team as tournaments like IPL ensure that every cricketer worth his salt can enough to last generations.


In order to promote cricket in the country and help youngsters realise their dream of playing cricket at national and international level, The National School Cricket League (NSCL) organizes franchise-based school cricket league for youngsters between 12-18 years. A high quality cricket tournament for school Students, a total of 16 teams from all India will play for the coveted trophy and prize money in excess of INR 3 million. There are 16 teams/ franchise in the NSCL offering opportunities to 240 young and talented under-18 cricketers who will be selected from a Pan-India talent hunt conducted across 22 cities in 16 States.

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NSCL offers a golden opportunity of getting selected to play the first-ever franchise-based school cricket league. The best-16 players emerging from the league each year will be provided sponsorship and special training for five years to prepare for national and international cricket.