Festive Hacks – Buy Cotton Dupattas Online

With festive season almost here, knocking at the door, the mere idea as to what look you want to carry stresses out the most. While most of us get busy buying the main pieces, it is the co-ordinates that we miss. So, say no to hasty decisions and buy cotton dupattas online from Indian August. Festivities make us truly Indian. We sometimes get so accustomed to denims and t-shirts for our regular busy schedules that we completely forget the nuances of Indian clothing. It is this time of the year that we completely colour ourselves Indian and wear colourful beautiful garments and feel rejuvenated.

Even if you are wearing a simple salwar kameez, a beautiful zari dupatta can instantly bring the zing. Such is the beauty of dupatta that it instantly changes your look. Whether you call it adding modesty or simple layers, dupatta do adds a statement to your look. At Indian August we have varieties of cotton, silk and chanderi dupattas to make your festivities extra special. You can buy multicoloured kalamkari printed dupatta, Ikat dupattas, Indigo hand-woven checks or stripe dupattas, printed Ajrakh dupattas, and many more. A tie and dye dupattas can never go wrong with any suit you wear because of its eclectic colours. It instantly adds on a festive spark to your look. While there is always a standard way to carry a dupatta but there are several other unique ways to spruce up your ethnic look. Hang it from shoulders to wring to create a bulk in your look or simply create gathers on one arm. You can even make a turban with these beautiful cotton dupattas online. You can also let it fall on the back from both hands. Style as you like it.

Dupattas can bring life to simplest of looks you adorn. So it’s high time that you buy cotton dupattas online from Indian August. Remember ladies; a dupatta has the audacity to bring a change not only to your outfit but also to your life. Can’t believe, pick any Bollywood movie of 90s and you will surely get convinced.


Online Shoes Purchase Saves Time

Footwear being one of the lifestyle statements is well said. Apart from status and grace, the footwear also lends protective care to the wearer. So it can be rightly opined that you are fully dressed only when the feet are covered by a comfortable and attractive pair of shoes, sandals or slippers.

Considering these facts, you may devote considerable thoughts and time while deciding as to which pair to buy and wear. Indeed, it is worth since what you put on enhances your demeanor. Those who can afford can opt for different styles to suit a particular occasion. For this choice, there are varieties in each category of sandals, boots, shoes and slippers besides the traditional ones for specific usage like footwraps and sneakers etc.

Similar to procuring most of the consumer durables through online outlets, even a pair of footwear could be ordered. You can buy shoes online in Delhi of any brand from any part of the world by a mere click of the mouse. However, it would be wise to carefully read all the terms prior to placing an order.

This is a golden rule since the type and brand of shoes that appears on the computer screen may tend to vary from your choice. Nonetheless, it would be better if you explore in detail all the possible online outlets to decide on the ultimate choice.

A couple of makers of leading footwear brands like Lakhani have this offer of choice to purchase online. As compared to an online retailer, you stand to gain in buying from a shoe company since the stock position of the chosen brand would be let known to you instantly.

So it would be ideal to avail benefits of sports shoes for men after clarifying relevant terms and conditions. At the same time, you must bear in mind the following tips. This is to avoid problematic situations like knocking at the doors of consumer protection tribunal with grievances about online shoe purchase.

  • First and foremost rule is the preferred brand and colour.

  • Next ensure that the right measurement of each foot is intimated to the online marketing outlet. The exact measurement is of utmost import since the index of size may vary from one maker to another. Rely on the chart provided by the online shoe store.

  • Note down the shipping charges and also the time of delivery mentioned by the store or manufacturer at the time of your booking.

  • From known sources, confirm the credibility of the online store as well as the manufacturer in terms of quality and attitude towards the customers. Of course, minimum trust is the essence of making purchases through online deals.

  • Retain the receipt and also the invoice of the package since these would be needed as and when a misfit pair is delivered instead of your ordered choice for due replacement. And be prepared to wait for a week or more for the right product to reach you after intimating the stores/manufacturer about your complaint.

All said and done, with your feet adorned in attractive and perfectly fitting pair, your image is bound to reach newer heights and don’t be surprised to find yourself on cloud nine!

Silk Allure – Buy Silk dress material online

We have already crossed half of this year, which means the festivities will start pouring in. Starting with Ganesh Chaturthi to Diwali and beyond, we will be full time busy coping with managing gifts to shopping for you. Amidst all this hurry and time constrains, your look of the festival gets hampered. Choosing the right fabric for the right occasion is very important. Sometimes a simple silhouette in a very pretty fabric makes you look amazing.

What can be the best option other than Silk fabrics to complete any Indian occasion? Silk has always stayed in the epicentre of Indian traditional attire and is considered at the top of the list. Any auspicious and important occasion is not complete without women and men both wearing silk. Keeping all the upcoming festivities in mind, Indian August has brought an exclusive collection of women silk dress material range online to ease up your shopping dilemma. We have an absolutely stunning range of silk unstitched suits, dress materials and many more. All you need to do is to sit back and relax while you shop the most of it.

When it comes to ethnic wear, we believe that nothing can beat an Indian saree. These six yards of beauty has a charm of its own. Yes, some people do have issues with draping part of it, which trust us, is not so hard. But for all those wonderful women out there we have got the solution. Buy silk dress material online and stitch as you like it. Dress material online gives you the freedom to express yourself freely. You can decide on the size, the neckline, the length and almost everything. All the things that actually restrain you from shopping online can be curbed with silk dress material online from Indian August.

Buy silk dress material online from Indian August and let you all the dreamy Pintrest images come true. We offer the best and pure silk unstitched suits with comes with dupatta and bottom. They make a perfect combination for your ethnic look. There are numerous colors available like lilacs, maroons, sea green, rust and many more. There is no dearth of designs, you can choose from Ombres, printed range, embroidered, printed as well. Apart from that we also have Ikats, Zari woven, and block printed fabric as well. Other that unstitches suits you can also buy running fabrics of silk options. These fabrics are best if you want to make something more experimental that normal silhouette. Book your ‘masterji’ for a thrilling session because you cannot say no to these fabrics.

For more details and sassier look just log on to Indian August. We are sure you will not be able to resist our silk dress material online.

SILK : A Tradition of Indian Culture

Silk, is a luxury lustrous elegant textile which evokes delicate feelings through its soft touch. Its grandeur, natural sheen and high absorbance adds it to be called the queen of textile worldwide. Silk has a sacred place in the culture and heritage of Indians. Every state of India has their own belonging silk which is produced in its unique way. Thus intermingling with the life, culture and tradition of India.

Today, silk weaving in India is famous for the sari, an Indian ethnic traditional wear for women. The weavers, with great enthusiasm loves to perform this traditional handcraftsmanship and weaves the finest yarn with their intense feel and emotions, thus weaving personal stories with the enriched yarn. The artistic and aesthetic sense of Indian weavers is not just limited by vibrant colours in their choice for the fabrics, but lies in their mastery over the creation of motifs, texture, pattern and durability of the hand-woven fabric. Hence today there is huge demand created for this wonderful, elegant fabric “silk”.

The traditional silk saris is a wonderful match for all Indian festive occasions, for every mood, every age group and to most importantly suit everyone’s budget. Indian traditional silk saris hold the creditability for excellence quality and stunning designs. This is also a thing that Indian august takes care of too. So, if you want such unique and long durable products, hurry and shop online before someone else grabs your unique dress material from our finest collections.

The collection at Indian August is always incomplete without silk. Be it dress material, sari, or apparel we have thousands of variety for you to choose from. We gather the finest of the fabrics from all over India. We are today proud to be one of the few who is providing its helping hand to continue this beautiful tradition of the silk which has been carried since time immoral. You can also be one among the few and contribute to this cultural heritage of India by just going website and buying your favourite silk dress material online.

Chronicles of Ethnic Wear in India and Women Ethnic Wear Online

A beautiful kurta, glittering silver jhumkas, kohl rimmed eyes, hint of a lipstick and a small black bindi…what a graceful sight. No one can deny the loveliness that a woman exudes when she wears Indian Ethnic Wear. What is it that immediately attracts you to this look? Why is it that this look works even when everything else fails? Because this look is the look of quintessential Indian Woman. We all grow up seeing our mothers and grandmothers done this look and so, our childlike and innocent thoughts find a certain comfort when we see this look. Your mothers and women in the family are your idols when you grow up and the idea of dressing up like our idols compels us to go for the ethnic style, look after look after look.

The typical Indian Ethnic wear has undergone tremendous change over the years. It started with the simple saree and it sawtransformations over the years.

The saree was perhaps the most commonly worn ethnic wear in the yesteryears with our grandmothers wearing sarees on a day to day basis even while sleeping. As more and more women started joining the workforce, women started seeing a simpler and easier solution. In comes the salwar-kameez and Kurta Churidar with a dupatta. This attire has been experimented with a lot of times, from the simple silhouettes to the big polka dots, the wider cleavages and backs, to the flamboyant anarkali, and then the more recent phenomena of long kurtas instead of knee length ones.

Earlier women relied more on local tailors to stich them customized dresses. With the coming of ready-made ethnic wear, we see this trend declining given the economic value of these products. Women have thousands of options to pick up women ethnic wear online.

The most recent trend we see is the fusion wear. This is the ultimate combination of traditional and modern wear. Given the long reign of the typical Indian wear, fusion wear is a welcome change. It’s the perfect way to hold on to our ethnic traditions while being comfortable and modern at the same time.

We also see a new trend of organic or slow fashion. Women are very specific about wear natural fibers as compared to the cheaper mixed or nylon material. This consciousness had led to the emerging of brands like Indian August. Every apparel, every saree, that you buy from here comes with a 100% surety of having used skin friendly and charming natural fibers. You can buy women ethnic wear online and off-line from Indian August. The collections are developed keeping all the latest trends in mind and are the perfect address for the quintessential Indian Woman.

Layer it up – Buy cotton dupattas & Fashion Accessories

If you are thinking that the chill is gone and you can finally say bye bye to your stoles and dupattas the you are wrong. Remember the summer sun in India can prove to be real harsh against your skin. Layer up your casual wears with dupattas and stoles from Indian August. Stoles and dupattas can add color and texture to even your simple outfit. A beautiful ornamental dupatta makes even a cotton suit look so graceful. Buy these fashion accessories for women from Indian August and simply add extra notches to you look. One of the best part is, they are so versatile that you can layer them with any outfit-be it your denim shirt, a cardigan, a simple dress, shorts,t-shirts etc and still manage to look amazing.

We at Indian August think that after diamonds, dupattas and stoles can prove to be a best friend for all the beautiful ladies out there. And why not, you can put it around your neck or hang one onto your shoulder or simply make a turban out of it, dupattas and stoles are something every woman should have in their wardrobe. There are certain days in your life when you don’t feel like dressing nicely into outfits. Believe it or not this is when scarves can do wonders for you. Grab some fancy dupatta online from our selection of vibrant dupattas that come in eclectic colours and fabulous fabrics. Be amazed with the ecstatic range of cotton dupattas available in trendy colours. Add a sparkle to your ethnic party attire with cotton dupattas only at Indian August. Go gaga over our cotton dupattas with wide variety of jamdanis, soft pure cotton muls to silk chanderis, comfortable ikats, Maheshwaris and Kota block prints.

For all your special occasion buy form our selected dupattas and fashion accessories our royal picks like cotton banarasi dupatta and get the lavish look. There are minimal worked yet sophisticated dupattas also available that can be used for the casual events. So, buy pure cotton dupattas and handloom fabrics and give a twist to your ethnic side.

Go Desi – Buy Indian Designer Wear And Handcrafted Clothing

Fashion these days are not restricted to certain people of the society and why should it be. Whether its kitty party habitués to cool moms or women in their chic thirties to trendy students, thousands of Indian women are following what their heart demands. Women are free to express, dress and be as they want. Fuelling your aspirations, Indian August has bought an exclusive collection of Indian designer wear online. We believe that Indian designer wear and sophisticated handcrafted clothing should not be restricted to only red carpets and that every woman should be able to enjoy the legacy. Say hi to the wonderful world of Indian designer wear online at Indian August.

Looking beautiful is no more a hard task and the secret to it, lies with us. Unlock your gateway to everything handmade and beautiful only at Indian August. Whether it’s the pretty hand block printed tunic or sumptuous front slit chanderi kurta, you cannot say no to anything we have to offer. Buy Indian designer wear online from Indian August because each and every piece is handcrafted and styled to perfection. Our hard to resist collection is breathtakingly beautiful and come in a large variety of fabrics, thread work, prints and embellishments. Whether you are a person who loves to stick onto classic styles or an experimental being, who loves bold, contemporary designs for a fusion look, we have got you covered. Shop from a wide range of Angrakha styles, royal Anarkalis, flared A-line kurtas, kalidar styles or simple and classic long kurtis only at Indian August.

One of the best part about owning a handcrafted clothing is that it keeps you reminding that you are wearing somebody’s hard work and passion. It keeps you in touch, rather grounded to your roots. India is a land of multitude crafts and textiles. Indian August initiative is to bring you the best of the handcrafted materials to give you a taste of the rich heritage and artistic expertise. From hand and block printed pieces to embroidered items with beads, sequins and stones, we have got the best of the handcrafted clothing to fulfil your needs and wishes. Buy designer wear online, they timelessly alluring and are sure to add a personal signature to your look no matter what your sartorial preferences are. No matter what is your style, occasion, personality or budget, you will always find something amazing at our online store. Sport a dazzling look while wearing Indian designer wear online from Indian August.

Buy Indian designer wear online and look gorgeous with these elegantly designed pieces. Buy handcrafted clothing and make a statement this season, just feel the exquisiteness and sophistication in Indian handicraft and textiles. Happy shopping..

Talk Ethnic – Buy Pure Cotton Kurtis And Tunics Online

If you are looking for something extremely comfortable and classy at the same time, the idea that struck is cotton kurtis and tunics. They are available in numerous designs and colors that are perfect fit for every occasion, all you need to so is to stylize it perfectly. So say no more to repeating outfits again and again as Indian August brings an amazing collection of women cotton kurtis and tunics online which you can’t take your eyes off. Kurtis are simple and easy to handle and that’s the reason it is the perfect choice for most of the women.

Indian August has got plethora of cotton tunics and kurtis from which you cannot take your eyes off. These designs are simply flattering on everyone. Short or tall, slim or curvy, the tunic looks good on any frame when you get the silhouette and proportions right. Did you know? Tunics were first introduced by ancient Roman and Greek goddesses, and since them tunics have always been in style. They’re modern classics that are newly chic, thanks to a wide array of fresh styles from Indian August – many of which you’ll find in our online collection. Indian women feel more comfortable and look gorgeous wearing cotton kurtas with shimmering embroidery and designs. Experiment with your personal style by pairing up these cotton kurtis and tunics with leggings, pants, or, palazzo etc. One of our best selling styles is Angrakha kurti in Anarkali style, it looks very feminine and stylish. For perfect traditional look, adorn it with right accessories. Kurtis are simple and easy to handle and that’s the reason it is the perfect choice among all the ladies! College girls don’t want to repeat their outfits but also want to look stylish every day. They are a must-have that all college girls should definitely own. 

Talk of the style and we have it. We have simple A-line kutis, anarkali styles, maxi styles, short kurtis and regular styles with side cuts in variety of block prints, colors and fabric quality. So jazz up your closet with amazing kurtis and tunics from Indian August.

No Glitch Only Stitch- Dress Material Online

Buy Silk Dress Material Online

Bored with the same old regular silhouettes online, we understand your boredom. If you are someone who likes to put your personal touches in whatever you do, dress materials online at Indian August are just for you!. Your need for the trendiest outfit with your signature, to go classy for occasions as well as for regular days is simply a click away. Indian August uncovers the perfect dress material catalog for all you women who want something that suits your style, fits your body type and makes you look classy at the same time. 

Luxurious fabrics, a balanced palette of colors and traditional motif prints with weaving – you can stay loyal to your Indian roots in style when you choose to buy silk dress materials online. With a host of options to tailor these silk dress materials into Anarkali, angrakha, bubble hem, empire or wrap kurta styles for your upcoming wedding parties, you can also fashion these silk dress material that you buy online into a well-fitting salwar suit for various occasions. Work glamorously with a traditional vibe, choose from an assortment of silks like tussar, Banarasi silks, Pashmina silks and go ethnic in absolute style. Complete your ethnic wardrobe by finding a perfect self developed outfit for evening wear, ceremonies, casual or business wear.

Buy silk dress material online and give free reign to your imagination and work wonders with un-stitched dress materials. They are a great choice for the fashion-forward women who like to style themselves in a different way. Fall in love with some lovely pieces and flaunt those overwhelmingly pretty prints and exquisite embroideries on yards of fabrics in vibrant hues. Go gaga over our un-stitched dress materials online with wide variety of fabrics ranging from cotton jamdanis, soft pure cotton muls to silk chanderis, comfortable chiffons and the list just goes on. When it comes to getting the best out of Indian fashion and exploring style, you need to splurge into our online collection that doesn’t need to fit you to perfection.  Buy silk dress material from Indian August and transform your wardrobe to a whole new level of elegance. 

Tasteful Dress Materials For the Trendy Indian Women

Dress Materials at Indian August are specially for the free-spirited and creative woman, who loves to be a designer, creator, stylist all in one; and wants to step apart from the daily crowd. This woman is tasteful, imaginative and classy. This woman is you. Silk and cotton dress materials are available in variety of colours and prints, and can be even bought online at Indian Auagust and is the best place to find the perfect match for your dream design.

Dress materials are main contributors to the Indian August online women ethnic wear and are swiped off the shelves within moments.


Indian August features its new latest summer collection of dress material .The sky blue color block print chanderi dress material includes the red colored salwar and printed dupatta to give its nice combination and contrast to the look and the fabric is perfect for summer and very comfortable to wear.

The multi color kalamkari block print cotton dress material includes the yellow colored salwar and printed dupatta. The look is very summery and gives out comfortable vibes.


Indian August summer special includes this breezy green coloured mangalgiri cotton dress material that comes with kota dupatta, decorated with tassels.

Indian August, indeed has many fabric and colour options to provide to its customers, out of which choosing one undoubtedly becomes a task, and hence can be added to the wish-list to bring to life creative dreams in near future.

Indigo prints never go out of fashion and are a must-wardrobe-have! This indigo cotton dress material comes with an equally trendy indigo salwar material and dupattas.


There is absolutely no paucity when it comes to the fabrics and colours of Indian August dress materials. This kashish, dabu cotton dress material is a perfect pick for absolutely any occasion, and is sure to attract glimpse and compliments.

This pink tassar silk dress material, with all over block print kameez, dupatta and bottoms is a perfect choice for social gatherings and special occasions.


This printed, beautiful beige coloured dress material is of jamdani cotton with red coloured salwar and dupatta, and is a good choice for work and evening gatherings.

buy cotton dress material online

These dress materials give you the freedom to design and style the colours and fabrics you like, into ensembles suitable for your occasions. To bring some wardrobe freedom into your life, click onto eindianaugust.com today!

buy cotton dress material online

So, check out the marvellous collection at Indian August, to fill your wardrobes with these magical items. These dress materials are the best way to make yourself standout in the crowd.