Choosing a right oil for baby’s massage


It is recommended that you consult your doctor before starting massaging your baby with some oil. One of the most important points is, do not massage your baby with the oil that is used by adults or any scented oil claiming to contain too many minerals.

While choosing right oil for your baby, go through some of the tips shared below. Have a quick look at the natural baby massage oil, commonly used for massaging baby.

Different Types of Oil for Baby Massage in India

Oil for Baby Massage India, Natural Baby Massage Oil


Almond oil or ‘Badam Tel’ as known in India contains vitamin E in higher proportion as compared to coconut oil. Vitamin E is very good for skin and hair of your baby. Almond oil massage not only makes baby’s bones stronger but also ensures glowing soft skin and healthy hair for your baby.

Pure Ghee

Mothers in India also use pure ghee to massage their babies, though not on regular basis. Generally used during winters to protect body from cold.


Coconut oil that contains anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties to prevent skin infection is considered to be one of the best oils for massaging your baby. Most popular in Southern India, the skin is widely available and is the most preferred hair oil in India.


Used mainly in Western Countries, olive oil is has many beneficial properties. It makes bones stronger and skin flawless.


Mustard oil is used in cooking in many parts of India, majorly in Eastern states of India. It is also used for massaging babies and even adults use it many a times for body massage. Good to be used during winters it also prevents skin infections.

Avoid using any oil available in the market or any counter top oil claiming to be baby oil. Always discuss with your doctor before applying any oil to your baby. All oils are not meant for babies. It is advisable to apply oil on babies to help them have stronger bones and beautiful skin. Massaging also help babies remain fresh and energetic.