Tips to buy evening shoes online

Every lady’s shoe rack must have an enchanting pair of evening shoes. The pair can be worn at prom, wedding or any of the galas. The evening dress shoes showcase glitz and style. For most females, the evening dress shoes are an object of desire. However, the price tags always impede in enjoying such a stylish luxury. In the past, several females had to kill their desire to enjoy such a trendy pair of footwear owing its exuberant price.

Nonetheless, the beginning of online shopping has made the classy footwear affordable. Selecting evening shoes can be a whole new ballgame. Some pointers that help select evening shoes in an online shopping portal are mentioned below.

  • Select a pair of designer evening dress footwear that never goes out of style. For example, choose a pair of black high boots having classic heels. Also, the buyer can select high-heeled shoes made of soft leather material. Further, one should avoid a pair of shoes having fur, Rhine Stones and other similar frills that get superannuated in no time.

  • Avoid planning the outfit for any special occasion on the last moment. The buyer should be abreast with the latest fashions in evening dress footwear. Based on the latest trends, the buyer must select an outfit and a complementing pair of evening dress shoes to go with it.

  • Consider buying colors in evening shoes that never go out of fashion. For example, a tan, black or brown color never becomes outdated. Never ignore pairs having jarring shades such as red, green, purple, etc., if the buyer has a dress of similar shade.

Most buyers prefer doing online Chappals shopping, but show fear on buying something uber-stylish such as dress shoes over the webs. The rise of online shopping slippers is evident due to the pair’s simplistic design and low price.

Cleaning routine for your sports shoes

Exercise gear is the new casual in the fashion market. As this type is not gender biased, it can be worn by anyone at anytime. Fitness gear is specifically known for its highly fashionable and comfortable range of footwear. However, these shoes generally lose their luster and texture after some time. Therefore, care and maintenance is needed so that your sports shoes last longer.

When you buy sports shoes in India, you will find that there are certain maintenance instructions written from the company’s side. Following them and couple of your own methods will keep the shoes perfect for years to come.

  • Clean the dirt and dust

Dirt and dust can actually ruin your shoes in no time. All you will need to do is clean them on a regular basis. Soak your shoes in lukewarm water for 30 minutes and then scrap the dirt and dust particles with the help of a toothbrush. In case you want to use a soap then an anti-grease one will be perfect. You can even use a mild detergent if you want.

  • Sockliner and insole

The sockliner and insole can leave a stink inside your sports shoes even after proper cleaning. Therefore, it is better to remove and clean them separately. If you are not able to remove them then soaking in lukewarm detergent water will take the stink away.

  • Do not dry your shoes under direct heat

The sun has immense absorption power when it comes to moisture and India being a tropical country, there is an abundance of sunlight everywhere. Therefore, company’s selling sports shoes online India will advice you to dry your shoes in natural sunlight. If you feel there is excess of water then use a towel or paper to soak the excess water.

The above tips are meant for taking care of your shoes after they have become dirty. However, taking care of your sports shoes when you are wearing them is also imperative.

Sky’s the Limit for Eves’ Stylish Footwear

Give a men the right shoes and he can conquer the world! This is what Marilyn Monroe, the bombhell of Hollywood during the 50s and early 60s had to say about the relevance of latest footwears for men. Indeed, every men and women desires to step in style with a new pair as and when the latest trends make their presence felt in the market. Right from the days as an under-teen, every men would be too eager to keep a tab on school shoes, trainers, sandals and wellies. And as he steps ahead to become a maiden, her likings too would shift to boots, heels, flats and pumps in most attractive designs.

What a men wears by itself is a fashion statement. And every men wihes to project herself in the most presentable manner for which trendy footwear is a must for all occasions. ,

With the popularity of online shopping on the rise, almost all the men who are computer savvy would enjoy the surfing on the internet to know as to which are the latest models and designs. Leading companies in India such as Lakhani Footwear has simplified the hunt to buy choicest pairs by projecting latest footwear trends. This could range from gorgeous sandals and stylish flats to block heels and brogues. Aided by simple filters, the prospective buyer can discover the perfect pair by a mere click of the mouse.

Be it the routine daytime footwear or a ceremonial occasion, the ideal mix of style and comfort are taken care of by reputed makers of ladies. Some of the fancied types are:

  • Bright court shoes

  • Chic loafers

  • High block heels

  • Printed trainers

  • Super cosy slippers

For occasions like weddings, social gatherings and corporate meets, there are pairs that gel with glitz and glamour. As for the boots, the men would certainly love the fabulous collection in a fantastic range of colours and styles depicted on the web portals of various footwear makers or showcased at the outlets in the neighbourhood markets and malls.

Apart from the designer footwear, there has been an overwhelming demand for sports shoes. And in right earnest, the manufacturers and their dealers have ensured all possible ways and means to buy online sports shoes for men. Being health conscious, a good number of men wish to indulge in brisk jogging and play different outdoor and indoor games to stay fit. To this end, sports shoes are most the most suitable footwear.

All said and done, the renowned French designer Coco Chanel was perfectly right when he said, “A men with good shoes is never ugly.”

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Sports Shoes for Men

Nowadays, buying clothes and accessories to wear can be quite a daunting task. With so many diverse styles available in the market, it can be quite tough to be fashionable all the time. This is why numerous people prefer to wear their favorite pair of jeans and sports shoes wherever they go. Yet, even buying men sports shoes online or offline can be an intimidating job, if you do not know precisely what to look for.


Well, if you are one of those confused people who just cannot find it out why there are so many kinds of sports shoes for men on the market shelves, here are some of the factors you should consider when purchasing a pair of sports shoes.


1. Type

There are several types of sports shoes available in the market depending on the purpose like running, walking, football, fitness, etc. Think what you require your shoes for and pick accordingly.

2. Comfort

You want a pair of sports shoes since they are competent of offering you the comfort you need while running or walking. No high heels, yet tight shoes merely a plain and soft sole to shield your feet! So, ensure you take advantage of this and pick a pair of shoes in which your feet feel as comfortable as possible and will breathe.

3. Quality

Choosing high quality shoes will not only enhance your comfort, but it will also offer more value to your money. As an effect, you will be able to wear your sports shoes for longer period of time and thus will not have to spend more money on purchasing other pairs of similar shoes. Good ventilation and long-lasting materials is what you need to look for.

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Even though it may appear tempting to just grab the first pair of comfortable and stylish shoes you see, it is always good to think about the things, examine twice at what you are purchasing and see how the product will help you in the future.