MBA with an Edge


Since time immemorial, the focus of human kind is on education as it helps a person to be wise, to be ethical, to have a say in the society. The need of the hour is how to provide opportunities to people so that they become literate and most of all, educated. Educated person has a different thinking and perspective towards life. He learns so many things which are available through different information formats, is able to process information better, have his own views and ideas towards different issues concerning the country and the world.

Talking about professional education, MBA program always has an edge about traditional programs as students get a different and in-depth perspective towards business, market and current trends which our happening politically, technologically and economically. They are able to assess thinks at a higher view point.

Even if a person has graduate degree that also counts BBA, for a higher salary package and promotionone needs to do MBA, so that he/she becomes a specialist and does not remain generalist.

MBA from IIMT University will provide an edge to the students as world class facilities are provided to the students in the campus. These facilities range from co-curricular to extra-curricular. While hiring a candidate companies mainly focus on two thinks- In-depth knowledge of the specialisation and strong communication skills. At IIMT, students have an edge over other institutions as students our thrown in the sea of knowledge, challenges, brainstorming sessions, management games, sports, spiritual studies, spoken tutorial, personality development classes, to name a few. To motivate students to always have a learning attitude, to have out of the box thinking and a go-getter attitude have been the pillars of IIMT University MBA program. These are some of the reasons why IIMT University is regarded as top MBA University in Uttar Pradesh.


Rewards that a Fashion Designer Reaps

Fashion design is the art and creativity that is devoted to the designing of clothing and lifestyle. This profession is basically influenced by cultural and social attitudes and varies over place and time.

This profession has come a long way from the designer clothes worn by the royalty of the olden days to the present day celebrity and ordinary people. Therefore, this profession has become one of the most lucrative, appealing, and glamorous and exciting career option.

If you have passion for style and creativity, along with originality, then this is an excellent career option. This career has two basic advantages. Firstly, this industry satisfies both the creativity and the materialistic needs of the people. And, secondly, it promises success, glamour and fame.

This industry has just begun to come of age in India, and it still has miles to go. It offers lots of job opportunities for talented, hard working and creative people. Apart from that, such professionals can also be self- employed.

There are various fields where these professionals can work into, such as boutiques, garment store, textile industries, and jewellery house, etc. And they are offer good salary packages.

The best part of this profession is that it only provides you with success, but also they offer you the opportunity to work with the famous personas. However, for that you have to be original with your work and also have to earn lots of experiences.

The best private university in delhi ncr and the best private university in delhi ncr offer excellent courses for the students that are relevant with the present time. The faculty members of these educational institutes not only guide the students properly, but also encourage them to work on their creativity and originality.

Fashion Industry experiencing an unstoppable flow of energy from Academic Circles

It’s no wonder; fashion industry is one of the most flourishing industries across the world. Be it Milan in Italy, or be it New York or London, Fashion never remains constant. Every day you come across something new in the fashion world, whether its style, texture, designs or definitions. The most dynamic and the most desired of all the industries, fashion keeps us motivated all day, and all years. It’s dynamism and its desirability has made it one of the most sought after professions across the globe. The growing demand has encouraged several academic institutions to introduce a fashion school in their campus. A decade ago, India had very few fashion colleges and institutions, but today the picture is completely different. IIMT Group is one of the leading academic groups offering world class fashion courses to its students.

Fashion sector is still at the very nascent stage in India. There are few polytechnic institutes that are offering basic level fashion designing courses. In Indian Metropolises you will come across many such fashion institutes that claim to offer fashion courses, but truth is they are not professional in their educational approach. Some of them only teach how to cut the cloths and stitch those, few teaches only embroidery and after completing courses from such places students land up becoming tailor in a shop or getting simple jobs of stitching or embroidery in some export house. These small institutes do not have the infrastructure and faculty to teach complete programs that can make them leading stylists or fashion professionals or even get them a lucrative jobs in the market.

To get lucrative jobs in the field of fashion and merchandising one needs to get a degree from some of the best institutes that are offering international standard professional courses in fashion. Along with some leading names in the industry that are offering international level courses in fashion and merchandising, IIMT universities have also made a mark in the field of fashion technology studies. The group has established world class fashion institutes in its campuses and universities located in several cities of India. IIMT University Meerut is one of the top 5 private universities in India and one of the most reputed top universities in delhi ncr. IIMT University Meerut is leading private university in the state of Rajasthan for its world class infrastructure and extensive educational programs and its IIMT School of Fashion Technology is counted in the list of top universities in delhi ncr too. The school is offering Bachelor in Designing and PhD in Design, Technology and Management for the candidates seeking to make career in this line.

Top Engineering Colleges Offer a Plethora of Career Opportunities

Engineer has been and will continue to be one of the most promising career options for candidates with an analytical bent of mind and logical thinking capabilities. An engineering degree carries with it sufficient amount of prestige, financial stability and job satisfaction to have itself registered as the top career option of a large number of students across the globe. Adding to the overall charm of engineering is the fact it contains a large number of specialities. You can choose a branch depending upon your attitude, skill sets and particular fondness for it.

There are top engineering colleges in delhi ncr who offer a wide range of engineering specialities like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, etc. Moreover these engineering institutes offer world class infrastructure and academic environment to help you become a highly successful engineer.

In the following paragraphs we shall look in detail about some of the important engineering streams, the definition and nature of work associated with each and the career opportunities they present.

Civil engineering

Civil engineers handle design and construction activities related to roads, bridges, buildings, water systems, etc. They in conjunction with other engineers supervise and direct construction team to ensure that the structure they are building is a perfect combination of aesthetics, efficient space utilization and design. Their job is also to ensure that the structure they have built is environmentally compliant and strong enough to withstand natural hazards like typhoon and earthquakes. This assumes added significance in places where floods and cyclones are common and structures need to be built in a way as to safely withstand their fury.

Civil engineering is perhaps the oldest engineering discipline, a factor we can attest to by looking at the magnificent architectures built in ancient times around the world that continue to amaze us till date. The job opportunities in this discipline are plenty with the growing population, increasing urbanization and the government’s emphasis on infrastructure development. Civil engineers with the right number of years behind them can be called or contribution to developing engineering courses. Expert civil engineers may also work as consultants in large construction firms.

Computer engineers

A booming IT sector means plenty of high paying job opportunities for qualified computer engineers. This is the discipline of engineering where engineers are required to develop and build software along with hardware responsible for making the machine run. Computer engineers may specialise in either software or hardware engineering. Computer engineering is currently one of the most happening fields with plenty of job and career advancement opportunities. After gaining your computer engineering degree from best engineering institutes in UP, you can either join an organization of your choice or work on a freelance basis as your own boss.

Recruiters across the Globe are Keen to Recruit Lawyers

Law has always been a prestigious career option for students not only in India but abroad as well. Economic liberalization and new set of rules and laws brought in by respective Governments around the world has furthered broadened its horizons ensuring that that the legal industry is thriving like never before. It is a great time for students to embark on a legal career and earn both recognition and money in the process. It is important to understand that delivery of legal services is a complex process requiring the services of a team of skilled professionals for quick and effective delivery of legal service and solutions. This invariably translates into huge job opportunities for law graduates passing out from top law colleges in uttar pradesh or any other renowned law school in India.

There are presently more than hundred legal career options for law graduates encompassing disciplines like banking and finance to corporate laws and LPOs among others. Rapid developments taking place in the realms of science and technology is also opening new vistas of opportunity for law students with myriad range of skills, experience and education.

Creation of new legal opportunities means that law students need no longer confine themselves behind the four walls of the courtroom to make a living. The skills you gain and the education you are imparted by top law university in UP or any reputable law school anywhere in India are now transferable to many different roles apart from being an advocate or a barrister at law. You can make a career in litigation support, legal consulting, legal reporting, legal publishing, etc.

India’s Private Universities: Preparing Engineers of Tomorrow

Engineering has always been a highly prestigious and rewarding career option with handsome return on investment (ROI). Economic liberalization and the realisation that creation of a knowledge based economy is important to create jobs and drive growth, qualified engineers are in demand like never before. The requirement as well as the necessity for ‘out of box’ thinkers who can find creative solutions to problems while never losing sight of the big picture has made knowledgeable and talented engineers a prized asset valued by all corporations in the market. Students passing out from best engineering University in Delhi NCR or for that matter any top quality institute anywhere can expect to find top level placement opportunities with large corporations with deep pockets.

Another good thing about this course of study is that engineering contains a large number of specialities. You can choose one that most closely meets your specific career goals, skill sets and aptitude. Engineering institutes offering best engineering University in delhi ncr or any other Indian state are likely to offer almost all major engineering streams. This means that you can choose an engineering course of your choice and make a flourishing career in it.

It is also important that you carry out some prior research work to find more about an engineering school before making a final commitment. Studying engineering could be one of the most important decisions of your life and you certainly do not wish to be left regretting your decision at the end of four or five years.

Searching for Top Polytechnic College in Meerut

When You want to choose the top polytechnic college in Meerut, IIMT University is the right place. IIMT University aims at all round development of its students. Sports meet and events are organized on regular basis. Such activities inculcate a level of confidence and spirit of teamwork among students. The IIMT University will be offering free counseling and support to all students when they embark on their career. Some counseling services that will be offered are meetings with a career advisor, meetings with Alumni, meetings with Industry Professional,Career Seminar etc. he mind of a well-fed student generates multi-dimensional and dynamic thought process. To meet this aspect of young generation, the future of Indian society, the university has a unique mess in the hostels wherein variety of Indian, Chinese and Continental meals and snacks are served to the multiethnic tastes of the students who themselves decide their menu.

Not only that, the highly qualified Hotel Management faculties further improve the quality and taste of meals, an outstanding and unique feature of the IIMT mess. Three active cafeterias ensure nutritious refreshment for busy minds. Hygienic healthy food and snacks are provided to both students and faculty members at subsidized rates. A wide variety of snacks and meals are served on demand. It is the top polytechnic college in Meerut which provides 100 % placement to their students. All the colleges of IIMT University are provided with water purifiers and water coolers to ensure safe drinking water for students.

Efficient generators are available to ensure twenty-four hours water and power supply. he university provides excellent transport facility for students through buses plying on all routes in the city and nearby areas as per the requirement of the students so that they have comfortable commutation to the campus. The campus dwellers feel no distance from the civic amenities through need based plying of regular transport from campus to city.

IIMT University takes proper care of the health of the students by providing hygienic surroundings and facilities for physical workout through sports and gymnasium. Still if prevention does not work, cure has to be provided. To ensure total well being of the students, the college now has its own IIMT Life Line Hospital for providing 24X7 medical facility, ambulance facility and emergency facility to all the IIMT students and staff. IIMT University in India provides an opportunity for the graduates and undergraduate students to directly enroll at IIMT University for an academic program. Top companies like Samsung, Sony, Maruti, Micromax,Toyota Kirloskar etc look for candidates with a diploma from a top polytechnic college in Meerut.

All courses are accredited by relevant authorities. Fields of study include graduate and post graduate programs in Engineering, Management, Computer Applications, Bio-Sciences, Environment, Pharmacy, Nursing, Mass Communication and Hotel Management among others.During the orientation program, that takes place one week before the commencement of the semester, the student gets familiarized with the university and the facilities it offers. We understand that traveling to new locations can both be exciting as well as intimidating.

Mba From Best University In Uttar Pradesh

IIMT University (IIMT), is a multi-faculty University offering UG and PG programs in the area of Management. The University has developed sufficient infrastructure in the form of classrooms, library, play grounds, faculty, resources, hostels, etc. to provide quality education to the students.

The University has the advantage of being sponsored by visionary promoters, the Association of Management Studies Society (AMS), which is a registered non-profit organization imparting quality education through its various institutions located in Meerut (UP). Today the society has five educational campuses, sixteen colleges, one school and a hospital under the flagship of IIMT.

The AMS society is committed to its vision of imparting quality education to the students who are the future professionals and to inculcate values in them so that they can serve the society in a constructive manner.

In higher education gone are the days of traditional approach to education. The changed socio-economic scenario calls for better quality education with a focus on skill development, holistic approach, industry linkage and ensuring employability particularly in professional and technical education. The major issues in higher education in India are accessibility, affordability, appropriateness, and accountability. We are highly conscious of all these issues and have designed the university academic system which is capable to address to all these aspects and provide affordable quality education to all those who aspire for it.

The entry of private sector into the field of higher education has now largely been accepted by the society, but public expectations from this sector are different looking for better quality, professionalism, skill development, entrepreneurship, ethical concerns along with high employability quotient. Accordingly, the course curriculum for all the programs offered has been designed with all features in-built to achieve university vision and mission effectively and efficiently.

Our motto is to develop this University as a Centre of Excellence in Management education. Merit scholarships are offered based on marks in qualifying examination. Though the University is at nascent stage, but university is committed to grow faster by promoting a student centric, inspiring, peaceful and congenial learning environment on campus and has already been considered as amongst the top MBA University in Uttar Pradesh. The University has qualified and experienced faculties and also regularly exposes its students to the practical experiences in the form of industry interaction programs. The university has a large number of alumnus working in the top MNC’s

Hotel Management Courses In Uttar Pradesh

Iimt university is one of the university which offering hotel management courses in different segment of hotel department in uttar pradesh . It focues to give quality education to students and working for overall development of students by organizing various events and fests . It is the only university which is teaching spritual study and art of living and including sports activities in the university’s curriculam which offers hotel managenent courses in uttar pradesh like bsc hotel management of three years . Bachelor of hotel management and tourism administration (bhmta) , iimt university is only university which is running tourism administration in hotel management .IIMT University is the only university which is running the craft coursees in different fields of hotel management,department of hotel management is running housekeeping diploma course,food and beverage service craft course and food production craft course which are short term courses for one year & one and half year . The students can make their career of their choice and save their time as well as money .

In the recent few years the tourism of india has expanded in many ways ultimately which will require quality trained professionals in the coming years in abundance. Thus the college of hotel management & tourism which has been producing students, who have grabbed top positions in the hospitality sector at various far-flung destinations throughout the world.

The college of hotel management & tourism is basically known in northern part of india as on of the best rated hospitality colleges for placements, quality education, skill development programmes etc.

The college is not only committed to the academic growth of the students but also their overall holistic development. We are also taking keen interest in the development & honing of their other skills such as human values & professional ethics as well as their spiritual growth & various hobbies which carry equal marks as in theory and practical subject .

Enjoy to be a part of hotel management college in uttar pradesh, where you can give ways to your dreams of your successful career in near future.


The healthcare industry is extremely vast and has its presence in each and every part of the globe. There are a large number of fields you can choose if you want to make your career in healthcare industry. One such rapidly growing field in the healthcare sector is related to pharmacy. Here are some important pieces of information on how you can choose a good pharmacy program to proceed with.

Getting into pharmacy is extremely competitive and you must be very well prepared. Try to keep your grades in all the examinations high because securing high grades shows your determination, high intelligence, and willingness to burn midnight oil. It also shows that you have learnt very well what you’ve been taught during your academics till the time you appear for a pharmacy entrance examination.

B. Pharm Admission Requirements:

The applicants must have 17 years of age at time of admission with successful completion of the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), or 10+2 exam necessarily in science stream, having Biology/ Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics as main subjects. Admission requirements profusely vary between institutions to consider a candidate for admission. It is crucially important to secure a higher rank in the institutional or state entrance examination. If a candidate is willing to get admitted directly to the 2nd year of B. Pharm (i.e. the lateral entry), then he/she should have passed D. Pharm from a government approved institution.

Training Module and Career Opportunities

The comprehensive training will include significant topics such as proper use of medicines, quantity of doses and time of administering them, over-the-counter-drugs, prescription of drugs, side effects of drugs, and different combinations of medications. The pharmacy sector offers a plethora of opportunities to the students after the successful completion of the course. You can start working in a Pharmaceutical company or start practice as a Pharmacist. There is a flood of opportunities available in both public and the private sector for pharmacy pass-outs. You can also start working in a government sector. Apart from this, you can also actualise your dream of working in a pharmacy company abroad. Government hospitals, private clinics, medical shops, private hospitals, your own consultancy or a medical shop are some other jobs that you can take up after completing the course from the best B Pharm colleges in Meerut or any other city.

Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Management

Taking your career to the next level, you can explore opportunities in pharmaceutical management and marketing as well, as a Production Manager, Medical Representative, Area Manager, etc. In pharmaceutical companies, you can work in departments like Quality Control, Manufacturing, Production and Packaging etc. Some other specialized work areas in pharmaceutical industry include-

  1. Chemical/Drug Technician
  2. Research & Development
  3. Prescription maker to Patients
  4. Scientist
  5. Research Officer
  6. Bio-Technology expert
  7. Drug Therapist
  8. Drug Inspector
  9. Hospital Drug Coordinator
  10. Health Inspector
  11. Pharmacist
  12. Pathological Lab Runner


On the whole, the most crucial aspect in your efforts to explore career opportunities in the filed of pharmacy begins with the choice of the right kind of college or institution. What you have done is not as much important as from where you have done. If you want to pursue B. Pharm course in Uttar Pradesh, then there are some highly reputed institutions in the city of Meerut to serve your purpose. The admission notification from these colleges appears mostly in the month of April or May in all the national dailies with complete details, including the date of examination, eligibility criteria, pattern and centres of entrance examination. You must prepare well to crack the entrance examination because it will very comprehensively check your levels of knowledge gained till date.