Top Engineering Colleges Kerala, Top self-financing Engineering College in Kerala

Looking for Top Engineering Colleges Kerala or Top self-financing Engineering College in Kerala? Saintgits College of Engineering is the best college in Kerala who provide the best education with world class faculty having experience of more than 15+ years in both teaching and industrial field. Saintgits College of Engineering is affiliated to APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University. Saintgits is being decorated with the second best self financing Engineering College in Kerala by BSR-DHREC Engineering College Survey of India 2018.

Saintgits is having a world class campus with world class facility and well equipped labs with latest technology. Saintgits is having 150 certified labs for doing experiments and help student to work and understand better. It has 70+ research labs and student from other college also come and do research work in Saintgits College of Engineering. There are more than 100+ recruiter having tie-ups with this college to provide high and better placement. SCE is having 7 courses Accredited by National Board of Accreditation (which is of gold standard in education). Saintgits College of Engineering is having Fab lab, IoT labs and ANSYS lab to make the experiment and research work smoother. Saintgits gives around Rs 1.75 crore scholarship t meritorious students. It is also an ISO certified College. All these facility makes SEC the Top Engineering Colleges Kerala.

So if you are searching for the best college in Kerala Saintgits College of Engineering is the best bet. SCE is having a library equipped with more than 50000 books and journals. And also having a well-connected transportation facility. Other from studies SCE also conduct curricular program to make their student energetic. Programs like Shristhi, pratitya, Naktrasha, sports day these are some of the highlights of the college.


Management Institutes in Kerala, Institute of Management in Kerala

Looking for Management Institutes in Kerala? Kerala has become a popular destination for doing MBA. In 1996 Indian Institute of Management opened door in Kozhikode. Student want to take admission in nearby their home or near their by working area so that they cannot miss their job or studies. Saintgits Institute of Management is the best Management Institutes in Kerala. Right from the inception the Saintgits Institute of Management is providing best education till present. SIM is having the best faculty having experience of more than 15+ years of experience in both teaching and industrial fields. These experience of faculty helps student to impart their knowledge in the environment and work like an expert.

SIM is having the course Accredited by National Board of Accreditation. Student should also go for the course accredited by NBA because course accredited by NBA is of gold standard and these courses are recognized by 20 countries, and also allows the student to take a transfer with full equivalent credit for their education in India. The Management Institutes in Kerala will be those with a curriculum and mode of learning that are oriented towards cognitive skills and problem solving, which is what corporate sector managers are expected to deliver. SIM is also a Member of Accreditation council for business schools and programs (ACBSP).

Saintgits Institute of Management in Kerala is giving hundred percent of placement, with better package as compared to other self-financing college. Though Saintgits Institute of Management in Kerala is the self-financing institute but then also the course fee for 2 years of MBA is (approx. 4lakhs) low as compared to other college. It has the sprawling campus with other facility for students. Sometimes, a very structured background of education, such as in engineering or a couple of the science streams, may facilitate cracking the exams and getting a good score, but may become detrimental to getting a good MBA education that can help your rise in your career.

Hospitality Industry in Uttar Pradesh

HOTEL MANAGEMENT COURSE IN Uttar Pradesh is in MEERUT which is one of the best cities for studying hotel management course. This city has become hub of hotel management college of utter padresh which focused to provide better education for students and working for development of students by managing various events and festivals. Iimt college which is the only city which is teaching spiritual study, sports, cultural, social responsibility and art of living. The course in uttar padres is many but today in new scenario the Hotel management is one of them, which has several courses like hotel management of three years. Hotel Management and tourism administration. The Iimt university which is running such courses in a different segments according to the requirement of the students and the demand of hospitality industry.

HOTEL MANAGEMENT COURSE IN UTTAR PRADESH the utter padres is the name of possibilities of opportunity in development of tourism. the government of utter Pradesh has recently announce that the heritage building those are constructed before the 1950 can be converted in to heritage hotel and government gives subsidy on band interest and the free of cost road facility too. Now the there is boom in utter Pradesh for the hotel management college as the fee structure and other logical facility are on cheap rate and affordable.

HOTEL MANAGEMENT COURSE IN UTTAR PRADESH is at the Iimt University which gives vast and huge practical knowledge to the students in the recent few years the tourism of India has expanded in many ways ultimately which will require quality trained professionals in the coming years in abundance. Thus the College of Hotel Management & Tourism which has been producing students, who have grabbed top positions in the hospitality sector at various far-flung destinations throughout the globe.

THE HOTEL MANAGEMENT COURSE IN UTTAR PRADESH is basically known in Northern part of India as one of the best rated Hospitality colleges. The parents of the students are now seeking admission in better college. it is very difficult to analyze that which one is the best so here I can suggest you to choose the Iimt university which has the campus colleges of hotel management in the campus all the facilities are there to suit you. So most well come to join iimt university college of hotel management which is approved by AICTE and government of India.

Selection of best College leads to a Success!

As we look around us, the students are concerned about their bright and successful career. At the stage of joining any institution to start the journey towards career building, some significant aspects must be considered by the candidate. Today’s student is very smart and believed to have gone through a proper survey for taking stock regarding established institutions in the academic market before joining any institution as a platform to start the journey for higher education. Selection of an appropriate institution is the first step towards achieving the desired goal. A comparative study of features of numerous institutions may help a student take a right decision in selection of an institute. Embellished with following features, IIMT one of the top business schools in UP and a glory of Meerut city, attracting admirations of the students, is committed to meet the expectations of the students in search for an appropriate institution to take admission in a dream academic program.

  • Quality education

  • Ranking and awards winning institution

  • Veteran and high qualified faculty members

  • Sterling and fascinating infrastructure

  • Worthy treasure of books

  • Sharp and prudent vision

  • Vibrant and contemporary education

  • Opulent surrounding

  • Captivating lush green sprawled campus

  • Scintillating canteen facility

  • Enormous alumni network

  • Luxurious accommodation facility

  • Dynamic system

  • Eco friendly environment

  • Lucrative academic programs

  • Magnificent playground

  • Plenty of basic amenities

  • Iconic temple in campus

  • Earnest employees

  • Affordable fee structure

  • Marvelous corporate exposure

  • Peaceful locality

  • Hi-tech class rooms

  • Excellent Transport facility

  • A platform facilitating career counseling process

  • Enjoying status of University

  • Scientifically laid out Gymnasium

  • Air conditioned modern computer labs

  • University’s inclination towards research & development

  • IIMT life line hospital with 24 hours emergency facility in campus

  • ATM facility in campus

  • Swimming pool & boating facility

  • Perfect blend of academic and sports activities

  • Culture reflecting the faith in sanctity and values

  • Abundant extra- curricular events enriching the skills of students

The IIMT one of the top business schools in UP has been a top priority of students having a positive attitude towards career development. With an aim to impart quality management and technical education, The University is all set to cater in the best possible manner the requirements of students. Encouraged by the success, The IIMT group has also expanded in NCR with the establishment of the IIMT College of engineering in Noida.

Management Colleges in Uttar Pradesh

Digital learning is the way forward for mid-level and senior professionals who don’t want to hit a career plateau. Even a graduate’s career can hit a plateau for the same reason. It is easy to hit plateau in one’s career growth unless there is an intervention that helps bring about a value-add that is significant to the rapidly changing world with technology redefining the way we think, the way we work, the way we progress as a society, the need for continued education is the way forward and technology can make great amends in contributing to not just one’s personal growth but also their respective organization, in which they eventually work.

Education that many receive today is inadequate for a world that is being transformed by scientific and technological advances. Leave alone those who passed out a decade ago or more. Today’s education is all about altering the learning process with faculty being as comfortable with technology as a student community. Increasingly, students are turning towards professional education for skill enhancement and to stay ahead of their peers. Constant innovation to keep students engaged with course content that is highly relevant to their industry and technology support like no other is the need. With an array of courses to choose from across domains like human Resource, Analytics, Business Management, Finance, Brand Sales, Marketing, Strategy and Leadership, Entrepreneurship provides an opportunity to stay employed, yet advances one knowledge and skill to up their ante and pitch for more defined roles in their growth pattern.

With learning gaps in the work force, there can be impediments to the growth of the company as a whole and not just at the individual level. To even out this gap, a particular professional degree is required and here in one can think of Masters in Business Administration. With updated and relevant course curriculum and an array of specializations to choose from such as Marketing, HR, Finance, Information Technology, International Business, Supply Chain Management, Digital Marketing, Banking and Finance, E-Marketing, it proves to with a course to stay relevant.

MBA from IIMT University will prove to be a boon for the candidate doing it as faculties taking different subjects are well versed in their specialized field. Students are exposed to industrial visits, live projects, presentations, guest lectures, training sessions, personality development programmes, spiritual studies, various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to name a few. MBA from IIMT University aims at helping students to take the world in their stride. With all these facilities the colleges of IIMT University are ranked among the best management colleges in Uttar Pradesh.

Best B.Tech Private University in U.P: IIMT University

IIMT University, the best private University in U.P for Engineering, focuses on offering qualitative education to the students coming from far and nock areas of the country . It is a self finance University situated at Meerut in U.P, established with a lofty vision, responsible for providing value driven education of global parameters. Being one of the best B.Tech private Universities in U.P, IIMT University has been developed as the center for technical education par excellence. IIMT University is providing competent professional/Technocrats to prove excellently their honest Integrity , unquestionable creditability and moral and ethical standards.

IIMT University is being the first choice of the students who opt to get technical education from the best B.Tech private University in U.P. ‘Everyone is born with a special virtue in one self ‘. So the University aims at recognizing and valuing innovative and creative potential and then Nurture it by providing favorable atmosphere to bloom.

Thus the faculties and technical staff are trained with such an idea as to think it their pious duty to teach them in such a way to get the students success in their noble mission. The teachers foster a healthy learning atmosphere providing them education Methodologically . ‘Learning by doing ‘ is the sole motto of the university for all the students who opt technical courses. IIMTians are trained to be ready for any corporate role. Their interest and intellectual curiosity drive them to get engaged deeply in their work. The students of IIMT University has rich blend of curiosity and temperament and discipline required for anyone to stand. This is Why, IIMT University is ranking on the top as the best B.Tech Private University in U.P. IIMT University excels in all the parameters set for any academic center at the globe. All the courses offered by the University are approved by AICTE.

Take B Tech Admission To Unlock Wonderful Career Opportunities

The engineering field offers plenty of exciting career opportunities for the students. The major hurdle is in selecting the right course. Many institutes offer the direct admission in UP. It is of major help for the students with great marks in their senior secondary exam. They will not have to appear for any entrance test to get a seat in the top institutes.  

The engineering course is divided into various branches. The students need to study a particular branch of engineering to become an engineer. They can search online about the job prospects of the various branches to get a fair idea about them. It’s always better to have prior knowledge about them to select the right branch.  

Most of the students are taking Computer Science or Information Technology in the Bachelor of Technology course as their branch. It is due to the fact the Information technology or the IT sector provides the maximum job opportunities for them. The number of multinational companies is huge in this sector. They provide good remunerations and excellent career growth for engineers. 

The students just need to select a good engineering institute to study their desired engineering degree. The can gather the correct information online. They can go through the rankings published by major websites and magazines to find the right institutes for their undergraduate engineering course. The quality of infrastructure and placement are the main factors for selection among students.            

The undergraduate B tech course is just the first step towards a great professional career. The students can go for higher studies in various other fields notably management. There are multiple career paths the students can choose after the completion of their undergraduate degree course. However, the first things they have to take B tech admission in UP to unlock the wonderful career opportunities that are available for the engineers in the country and abroad. 

Best Private University for MBA

Since the immemorial human beings are in a quest to learn more as they are inquisitive in nature. Why human beings are inquisitive and for what is a question well asked. They are always on the way to lean and earn more. Being a social animal, human beings are materialistic as well, as they want to earn for themselves, for their family, want to maintain a certain standard of living, want to maintain the status in the society. Its rightly said that Maslow’s need hierarchy theory is correct to some extent. After physiological needs are fulfilled, man is in search of safety and social needs. A sense of security by having a well-paid job and sense of belongingness in this world with friends, peers & family is required. For everything to be attained education is the foremost as without being educated a person may not reach heights in his / her personal and professional life. When a person knows that the education he/she is getting will land him/her with good job opportunities and a handsome salary package, he/she is all the more motivated to pursue it.

In this fast moving world, where the competition is cut throat, the parents are also all the more worried for a safe & secure future of their wards. To end this apprehension, they want certain professional qualification for their sons & daughters which can bring certain level of security.

To end all this, MBA is a professional qualification which can equip students with knowledge, technical know-how and personality attributes to land with a job in a good company and to face the competition in the corporate world. He specialization should be chosen according to the calibre and interest of the student. MBA program provides the knowledge of the corporate world, economy, current trends and happenings in different areas be it marketing, human resource, finance, information technology, international business or supply chain management.

MBA from IIMT University can help the students in reaching the limit they wish in their life. IIMT university is one of the leading university which is emerging as the best private university for MBA with qualified faculties, training sessions, personality development programmes, industrial visits etc to develop & maintain spiritual bent of mind. With excellent placement record and training & placement department working round the year, the PR is excellent and IIMT University boast about it.

Doing MBA from IIMT University can certainly give a high to a student’s life which he/she is looking for.

Management Graduation from Uttar Pradesh

The choice of career is based on a student’s aptitude and interest areas rather than on the subjects a student has taken. If one wishes to pursue a career in marketing and management, the best study route would be to take up some study of commerce or business related subjects, so as to lay some groundwork.

As career in marketing requires excellent communication and persuasive abilities, imagination and initiatives as well as good mathematical abilities. The main function of the marketing department is to identify customer’s needs and relate it to company’s ability to produce the products. it also includes devising strategies to enhance product sales.

If one believes that one can make a good career in marketing, the start can be with a bachelor’s degree in commerce, a B.Com or BBA. B.Com provides the knowledge and give a firm foundation for the variety of careers in the fields of business and finance. BBA or BBM (Bachelor of Business Management) or BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) as it is also called a professional application oriented course which trains a student in systematic and efficient management practices and exposes students to all aspects of business management including finance, production, marketing, human resource development, information services and so on. After BBA, the student can take up MBA in marketing if he/she is looking for a corporate career or in new and specialised fields such as digital marketing, marketing communication, social media marketing, retail marketing for which there is increasing scope.

BBA from IIMT University is the best option in Uttar Pradesh. With experienced and competitive faculty, industrial visit, personality development programme, spiritual studies different sports activities and world class state of the art infrastructure make IIMT University the most unique and competitive place to go for this programme. Discipline is the focal point along with the separate hostel for boys and girls. The course curriculum is so designed that it brings out the hidden potential and calibre of the student. Weekly group discussions, open house and cultural activities pave the way for holistic development of the students. Provision for scholarships for meritorious students is also there. The foundation for MBA is so strong that students can crack CAT and MAT exams. The BBA colleges of IIMT University are rated among the best BBA colleges of Uttar Pradesh.

Technology is transforming the way students are learning and introduction of smart classrooms are yielding very good results. Library facility is provided within the campus only. Live projects and training also help students to learn which definitely provide an edge of IIMT University over other universities in Uttar Pradesh.

Top Placement Universities in North India

IIMT University has proven again that this in one Top Placement Universities in North India

with the massive number of placements in the most reputable companies in India. Every year when students find themselves despondent because of having no jobs. At the same time IIMT University provides the education in the manner so that the students are receiving calls from the best organisations from all over India. Students are being guided in the appropriate fashion for improving their commutation skills, leadership, integrity, enthusiasm towards the job, as well as the team works on every facet of the student.

If It is being ranked in one Top Placement Universities in North India the main reason is not only the faculty prepares students for the jobs but also train them in the way they could achieve their best in the future and brighten it at the same time. The main goal of IIMT University is to feed the students with their curiosity for their subjects not only theoretically but also practically. In addition, the lessons are designed and taught by the faculty in very interesting methods so that it becomes very easy to comprehend.

Excellence does not require the words it can be observed . IIMT University is working on the betterment of the education from last two decades. When the students get to know that around three hundred fifty companies participate in a university for campus placement only and most of the students secure jobs, it illustrates the fame, the unbelievable input and industry oriented approach of that university.

Moreover, the infrastructure, teacher and students ratio as well as the management attracts the students and motivate them to work on them so that they would be placed easily. Every year a massive hike can be seen when it comes to securing job by the students of IIMT University. Bookish knowledge can only make slaves those could work hard, In contrast the students in IIMT University are taught to lead from the front and to work smart.

In India, the engineering field has always been widely revered by parents. It is one of the few professions that has been able to barricade itself against the onslaught of automation and incredible progress. Moreover, with a boom in the IT sector, the demand for skilled IT personnel has grown manifolds. Hence, there has been a surge to secure admission in the top private engineering colleges in India. Thus IIMT UNIVERSITY has been rated on the basis of the infrastructure, placement statistics, quality of education, national importance, faculty competence, campus facilities and students’ preference.

Therefore, IIMT UNIVERSITY focuses on giving its students a well-rounded exposure to theory as well as practical knowledge, with an emphasis on developing soft skills. This, coupled with an arrangement of two placement seasons every year, has made it a preferred destination for top recruiters. Also IIMT UNIVERSITY has an independent placement office facilitating campus recruitment for MNCs & National Companies like Top Universities in the World and therefore, considered as Top Placement Universities in North India