Top Placement Universities in North India

IIMT University has proven again that this in one Top Placement Universities in North India

with the massive number of placements in the most reputable companies in India. Every year when students find themselves despondent because of having no jobs. At the same time IIMT University provides the education in the manner so that the students are receiving calls from the best organisations from all over India. Students are being guided in the appropriate fashion for improving their commutation skills, leadership, integrity, enthusiasm towards the job, as well as the team works on every facet of the student.

If It is being ranked in one Top Placement Universities in North India the main reason is not only the faculty prepares students for the jobs but also train them in the way they could achieve their best in the future and brighten it at the same time. The main goal of IIMT University is to feed the students with their curiosity for their subjects not only theoretically but also practically. In addition, the lessons are designed and taught by the faculty in very interesting methods so that it becomes very easy to comprehend.

Excellence does not require the words it can be observed . IIMT University is working on the betterment of the education from last two decades. When the students get to know that around three hundred fifty companies participate in a university for campus placement only and most of the students secure jobs, it illustrates the fame, the unbelievable input and industry oriented approach of that university.

Moreover, the infrastructure, teacher and students ratio as well as the management attracts the students and motivate them to work on them so that they would be placed easily. Every year a massive hike can be seen when it comes to securing job by the students of IIMT University. Bookish knowledge can only make slaves those could work hard, In contrast the students in IIMT University are taught to lead from the front and to work smart.

In India, the engineering field has always been widely revered by parents. It is one of the few professions that has been able to barricade itself against the onslaught of automation and incredible progress. Moreover, with a boom in the IT sector, the demand for skilled IT personnel has grown manifolds. Hence, there has been a surge to secure admission in the top private engineering colleges in India. Thus IIMT UNIVERSITY has been rated on the basis of the infrastructure, placement statistics, quality of education, national importance, faculty competence, campus facilities and students’ preference.

Therefore, IIMT UNIVERSITY focuses on giving its students a well-rounded exposure to theory as well as practical knowledge, with an emphasis on developing soft skills. This, coupled with an arrangement of two placement seasons every year, has made it a preferred destination for top recruiters. Also IIMT UNIVERSITY has an independent placement office facilitating campus recruitment for MNCs & National Companies like Top Universities in the World and therefore, considered as Top Placement Universities in North India


University Which Has Top Priority Of Job Placement

Top placement universities in North India when we say the placement after the education over the parents and students both have cross finger as the matter of investment which they have already done on their ward if job placement is there then say the successful is there if a single student remained without job then it is a question mark whether the student is not fit for job or a faculty is not fit for teaching or the university is giving the atmosphere to study and teaching for faculty there three things which are being observed by the society or parents as well as students .

Every students or parents when they search the colleges or university for admission what comes in their mind that is placement guarantee they think that after completion of this course I will get job or not ? The job placement is not depends upon the parents hand or students hand it is the quality of university that they have access in the industry and approach to call the placement interview from the industry.

TOP PLACEMENT UNIVERSITIES IN NORTH INDIA as we say the India is the country of possibilities where you have possibility of employment in each and every corner of state cotton industry, production industry, chemical industry, hospitality industry, auto industry etc. IIMT University has 100% placement in most of the field like hospitality sector and production sector last year we had cent percent recruitment from the university campus. The job placement is the responsibility of university and that is IIMT University we promise and help the students throughout the year when he or she comes in the final year as he or she require job at that moment our team of placement cell call the industry people for campus interview.

Our students become much capable after completion of their respective course that they get selected easily and compete the interview. Our placement cell whole year long work on the recruitment only. TOP PLACEMENT UNIVERSITY IN NORTH INDIA means The dedication towards providing quality professional and higher education through well-accredited courses, so that the students get 100% placement in the university. Today when we say the where is the top placement university in north India the one and only one question comes in the mind of people is the IIMT University.

College Of Hotel Management For Better Education

The Best University for Hotel Management IN UP when we talk about the one word comes in our mind that is IIMT University in meerut, UP as IIMT University gives the vast practical knowledge in all the aspect of hotel management like food and beverage production, food and beverage service, housekeeping and front office or front desk etc. The university has many executive rooms as model room for students as model room for practical.

Hotel Management has become very popular as a career option among all the students. The World Travel and Tourism Council, the hospitality industry is the second largest employer globally, hiring one in 12 workers. The university gained prominence for its good infrastructure as strong alliances in the hotel and catering business for placements. People say that IIMT University is The Best University for Hotel Management IN UP as IImt University has huge area in which different types of lecture, seminar and other types of activities are taken place apart from regular classes, where students are imparted hobby/ classes along with the career.

The University gives more emphasis on practical and gives practices to the students hand freely. Hotel management college of IIMT University is the only college of up which runs many courses of hotel management as per the requirement of industry as well as the suitability of students for the particular courses, The students take admission according to their choice of the course or where they feel fit in the department of hospitality. Students those have sufficient time and age; they go for four year or three year degree program. The IIMT University has two different program In degree ,one is B.Sc in hotel management which is three year and second is bachelor in hotel management and tourism administration that is four year program.

The students in each course have release training which is in curriculum and part of the syllabus. Apart from training the university also has different types of sports activities in the curriculum which carries equal marks per semester which is new and most important part in the development of students in their life that is why IIMT University is The Best University for Hotel Management IN UP. Now day’s parents of students take interest to know about college or university before putting them in campus as they pay the fees and take care of their child.

BBA Education in Uttar Pradesh

Education is very important in any person’s life. What to do after 12th is the biggest question which haunts students. If one does not crack engineering or medical exam, then one is left wondering what to do in order to have a secure career. I have seen many students who are not able to decide upon their career choice. I have seen many students who are not able to decide upon their career choice and go into depression, parents also become tense. What their child should do so that they also become tension free and can opt for an educational qualification which will help him/her to get a job. Now, traditional educational qualification not does so. One has to think for professional educational qualification and what better than BBA?

BBA is the stepping stone to do MBA further. Doing BBA also helps as student to understand the nitty-gritties of management. In case, one is thinking of becoming an entrepreneur or joining one’s family business, it is very important to understand the functional and specialization aspect of business. And all this can be understood by acquiring the knowledge of management.

With management as base, student can equip oneself for doing MBA further which will make him/her a specialist from a generalist. Students as well as their parents also gain confidence if it is done from a reputed institution/university which is committed to impart quality education. From baby steps, they can take confident leaps when equipped with knowledge, confidence and strong communication skills.

Management studies, in general, cannot be justified if you don’t have a problem in hand that you want to address through your efforts. Studies need to aim at this aspect of problem solving of real-life. This can be simplified and attained if the courses are undertaken from one of the college/university of repute.

Every year there are at least a million management graduates passing from every stream. Yet, only a handful of them are capable enough to convert their knowledge into something useful. Considering the number of opportunities, we have today, the efforts put in the direction are practically less. We waste the resources by creating a management graduate who isn’t able to contribute, communicate and waste a brilliant mind in undermining his true potential.

IIMT University, is the place where students and their parents can be greatly assured that one who enters university leaves it with mentality that the decision which they had taken has made up their life. The qualified faculties, sound infrastructure, co-curricular & extra – curricular activities will help them in directing their career which will sky as the limit. Due to all these qualities colleges imparting BBA education under IIMT University are considered among the best BBA colleges in Uttar Pradesh.

Career in Software Engineer

Software engineers are specialists who are in charge of the testing, design, development and maintenance of computer software for business and personal use.

They apply the principles of mathematics, engineering and computer science in creating managing software. Engineers focused on developing system software are involved in creating the systems and software that make computers work.

top polytechnic college in Meerut

These are primarily the operating systems for computers used in businesses or at home. Programming software involves debugging, maintenance and support of computer programs.

Application software involves the design of computer programs and applications. This includes word processors and commercial software that is sold to consumers.

Working Methodology of Software Engineers


Software engineering is a practical, intuitive, creative and analytical field. Engineers come up with ways of improving computer systems to generate quality use of the technology.

This work includes tests, prototypes and evaluations of software and computer systems. Professionals deal with developing of web applications, managing systems information as well as finding solutions to user-specific problems.


This career involves the use of a systematic code structure that is needed to map out the software. An understanding of programming languages is one of the most basic requirements in this line of work. It is highly stylized for computer programming and engineering. The code is very specific. Any error will result in unwanted changes in the system. Software engineers use this code to write system programs. It includes line by line instructions to tell the software what to do.


Software engineers have to analyze user needs in software systems in order to determine the areas that require development. They make use of technical testing tools in figuring out the best quality upgrades for the software they work on and come up with package systems and customized applications. Maintenance is also an important part of the job.

Professionals are expected to be able to work with fellow engineers. They will form part of a software team to manage work efficiently. Working as a team will allow these professionals to pull together resources and ideas to come up with more options and solutions in the development and modification process. These engineers usually work in offices or laboratories.


Software engineers may have different areas of focus. Some tend to work on software development while there are other people who prefer to concentrate on system design. Some will focus on medical software. Game design is also growing in popularity. All of these professionals work using the same software engineering principles.

Becoming a Software Engineer


Software engineering is a career that will require applicants to have a specific skill set. The ability to program computers and experience with computer systems is a requirement. Critical thinking is also involved as well as management techniques and extensive technical knowledge.

Those with a formal education in any field related to the subject are highly preferred by employers. It is helpful for a job application to show a level of mastery in their line of work. This list includes some of the degrees that will be helpful to gaining the necessary skills and information for a career in software engineering.


Common Majors and Certifications:

  • Applied Science

  • Computer Engineering

  • Computer Science

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Information Systems

  • Information Technology

  • Mathematics

  • Software Engineering

Courses like this will normally take four years of full-time education. IIMT University, the Top Engineering University in Delhi NCR usually helps graduates with internships and work placements and it serves as a necessary foundation for a career in software engineering and others.


The IIMT University has been established under Uttar Pradesh Act Number 32 of 2016. The University has a rich legacy in the field of education and exemplary recognition in corporate, academia, and public at large. We are committed to provide a world class education based on our core values. IIMT University, the Top Engineering University in Delhi, NCR offers programs at diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level in Engineering, Applied Sciences, Management, Hotel & Tourism, Pharmacy, Law and Health and Allied Sciences. In addition, the University inculcates an environment of Innovation and Research.


The IIMT University, the Top Engineering University in Delhi, NCR with its excellent infrastructure offers Campus Security, accommodation for staff and students, Shirdi Sai Temple & Hanuman Ji Temple, seminar halls, Auditoriums with large seating capacity, well equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art facilities and Multi specialty Hospital.


IIMT University: New Hope for the Success

IIMT University : Pioneer in Job Placement in Uttar Pradesh Going to college or university isn’t just about preparing you for a career, but choosing the right institution and course can certainly impact on your graduate prospects. Placements give students the opportunity to gain skills specific to their subject or industry of choice as well as the employability skills required for real-life work. It also increases their knowledge of an industry or sector, allowing them to make better informed decisions about future career choices and IIMT University is one of the for Best Placement University in UP .

The aim of the IIMT University is to provide meaningful education, to conduct original research of the highest standard and to provide that extra edge in technological innovation for the industrial growth of the country. Since its inception the Institute has established itself as a premier center engaged in imparting quality technological education and providing support to research and development activities. IIMT University offers a unique learning experience across a spectrum of academic and social experiences and this quality establishes it as one of the Best Placement University in UP.

The Training and Placement Cell (TPC) at IIMT University is established to prepare its students for the large competitive world. The Training and Placement Cell consists of a team that combines the academic power of IIMT University with the vitality and ambition of the students. The Training and Placement Cell networks with the best companies in IT, Telecommunications, Mechanical, Electronics, Retailing, Manufacturing, Pharma, FMCG, and many other industry sectors on a day to day basis. This has resulted in a strong and beneficial relationship for the students, the Institute and the business community. Industry and Corporate Personnel are regularly invited to interact with the students and give them feel of real life industry/business scenario and that is why IIMT University one of the Best Placement University in UP .

The leading companies from all sectors are invited by the Placement Department on the campus, where the eligible students are facilitated to go through the entire selection process. The entire process is governed by the student’s ability and performance, as well as the requirements and norms of the Industry.IIMT University leverage human capital for competitiveness by nurturing knowledge, entrepreneurship and creativity. IIMT University believe it is these strengths that will help us successfully compete in a globally and exploit emerging opportunities. IIMT University reward the will to succeed and the desire to compete with the best in the world.

MBA with an Edge


Since time immemorial, the focus of human kind is on education as it helps a person to be wise, to be ethical, to have a say in the society. The need of the hour is how to provide opportunities to people so that they become literate and most of all, educated. Educated person has a different thinking and perspective towards life. He learns so many things which are available through different information formats, is able to process information better, have his own views and ideas towards different issues concerning the country and the world.

Talking about professional education, MBA program always has an edge about traditional programs as students get a different and in-depth perspective towards business, market and current trends which our happening politically, technologically and economically. They are able to assess thinks at a higher view point.

Even if a person has graduate degree that also counts BBA, for a higher salary package and promotionone needs to do MBA, so that he/she becomes a specialist and does not remain generalist.

MBA from IIMT University will provide an edge to the students as world class facilities are provided to the students in the campus. These facilities range from co-curricular to extra-curricular. While hiring a candidate companies mainly focus on two thinks- In-depth knowledge of the specialisation and strong communication skills. At IIMT, students have an edge over other institutions as students our thrown in the sea of knowledge, challenges, brainstorming sessions, management games, sports, spiritual studies, spoken tutorial, personality development classes, to name a few. To motivate students to always have a learning attitude, to have out of the box thinking and a go-getter attitude have been the pillars of IIMT University MBA program. These are some of the reasons why IIMT University is regarded as top MBA University in Uttar Pradesh.

Rewards that a Fashion Designer Reaps

Fashion design is the art and creativity that is devoted to the designing of clothing and lifestyle. This profession is basically influenced by cultural and social attitudes and varies over place and time.

This profession has come a long way from the designer clothes worn by the royalty of the olden days to the present day celebrity and ordinary people. Therefore, this profession has become one of the most lucrative, appealing, and glamorous and exciting career option.

If you have passion for style and creativity, along with originality, then this is an excellent career option. This career has two basic advantages. Firstly, this industry satisfies both the creativity and the materialistic needs of the people. And, secondly, it promises success, glamour and fame.

This industry has just begun to come of age in India, and it still has miles to go. It offers lots of job opportunities for talented, hard working and creative people. Apart from that, such professionals can also be self- employed.

There are various fields where these professionals can work into, such as boutiques, garment store, textile industries, and jewellery house, etc. And they are offer good salary packages.

The best part of this profession is that it only provides you with success, but also they offer you the opportunity to work with the famous personas. However, for that you have to be original with your work and also have to earn lots of experiences.

The best private university in delhi ncr and the best private university in delhi ncr offer excellent courses for the students that are relevant with the present time. The faculty members of these educational institutes not only guide the students properly, but also encourage them to work on their creativity and originality.

Fashion Industry experiencing an unstoppable flow of energy from Academic Circles

It’s no wonder; fashion industry is one of the most flourishing industries across the world. Be it Milan in Italy, or be it New York or London, Fashion never remains constant. Every day you come across something new in the fashion world, whether its style, texture, designs or definitions. The most dynamic and the most desired of all the industries, fashion keeps us motivated all day, and all years. It’s dynamism and its desirability has made it one of the most sought after professions across the globe. The growing demand has encouraged several academic institutions to introduce a fashion school in their campus. A decade ago, India had very few fashion colleges and institutions, but today the picture is completely different. IIMT Group is one of the leading academic groups offering world class fashion courses to its students.

Fashion sector is still at the very nascent stage in India. There are few polytechnic institutes that are offering basic level fashion designing courses. In Indian Metropolises you will come across many such fashion institutes that claim to offer fashion courses, but truth is they are not professional in their educational approach. Some of them only teach how to cut the cloths and stitch those, few teaches only embroidery and after completing courses from such places students land up becoming tailor in a shop or getting simple jobs of stitching or embroidery in some export house. These small institutes do not have the infrastructure and faculty to teach complete programs that can make them leading stylists or fashion professionals or even get them a lucrative jobs in the market.

To get lucrative jobs in the field of fashion and merchandising one needs to get a degree from some of the best institutes that are offering international standard professional courses in fashion. Along with some leading names in the industry that are offering international level courses in fashion and merchandising, IIMT universities have also made a mark in the field of fashion technology studies. The group has established world class fashion institutes in its campuses and universities located in several cities of India. IIMT University Meerut is one of the top 5 private universities in India and one of the most reputed top universities in delhi ncr. IIMT University Meerut is leading private university in the state of Rajasthan for its world class infrastructure and extensive educational programs and its IIMT School of Fashion Technology is counted in the list of top universities in delhi ncr too. The school is offering Bachelor in Designing and PhD in Design, Technology and Management for the candidates seeking to make career in this line.

Top Engineering Colleges Offer a Plethora of Career Opportunities

Engineer has been and will continue to be one of the most promising career options for candidates with an analytical bent of mind and logical thinking capabilities. An engineering degree carries with it sufficient amount of prestige, financial stability and job satisfaction to have itself registered as the top career option of a large number of students across the globe. Adding to the overall charm of engineering is the fact it contains a large number of specialities. You can choose a branch depending upon your attitude, skill sets and particular fondness for it.

There are top engineering colleges in delhi ncr who offer a wide range of engineering specialities like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, etc. Moreover these engineering institutes offer world class infrastructure and academic environment to help you become a highly successful engineer.

In the following paragraphs we shall look in detail about some of the important engineering streams, the definition and nature of work associated with each and the career opportunities they present.

Civil engineering

Civil engineers handle design and construction activities related to roads, bridges, buildings, water systems, etc. They in conjunction with other engineers supervise and direct construction team to ensure that the structure they are building is a perfect combination of aesthetics, efficient space utilization and design. Their job is also to ensure that the structure they have built is environmentally compliant and strong enough to withstand natural hazards like typhoon and earthquakes. This assumes added significance in places where floods and cyclones are common and structures need to be built in a way as to safely withstand their fury.

Civil engineering is perhaps the oldest engineering discipline, a factor we can attest to by looking at the magnificent architectures built in ancient times around the world that continue to amaze us till date. The job opportunities in this discipline are plenty with the growing population, increasing urbanization and the government’s emphasis on infrastructure development. Civil engineers with the right number of years behind them can be called or contribution to developing engineering courses. Expert civil engineers may also work as consultants in large construction firms.

Computer engineers

A booming IT sector means plenty of high paying job opportunities for qualified computer engineers. This is the discipline of engineering where engineers are required to develop and build software along with hardware responsible for making the machine run. Computer engineers may specialise in either software or hardware engineering. Computer engineering is currently one of the most happening fields with plenty of job and career advancement opportunities. After gaining your computer engineering degree from best engineering institutes in UP, you can either join an organization of your choice or work on a freelance basis as your own boss.