Set Your Goals Right to Achieve Your MBA Dreams

In the last 2 decades business management courses have diversified and today it offers more than a dozen specialisations. The program that offered only Business Administration, Personal Management/Labour Management, Finance, Rural and Human Resources till some years back, today offers management programs in almost every single specialisation industries offer. Today, MBA is offered in Marketing, Information Technology, Computer Science, Operations, Supply Chain, International Business, Agriculture Business, Healthcare, Hospitality, Tourism, Sports, Accounting, Retail, Customer Relationship, Media & Entertainment, to mention a few. Each one has a bright professional prospect in their own industry. Nowadays industries and companies seek specialisation for each field they deal into. This enables the work to be done in a more professional manner.

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With the emergence of Internet and wide acceptance of Software in almost every single sector, several new specialisations have emerged. But even today, the traditional courses are more preferred by candidates than the new one. Business Administration, Finance, Marketing and Human Resources are the most favourite amongst young aspirants. The reason is there is an impression amongst the youngsters that these branches can open wider options and can fetch better remunerations.

Most of the private universities and institutions are offering combination of programs and few even offering dual program of BBA BCOM or some other combination with BBA and some even offering integrated programs of BBA MBA combined of 5 years. In some MBA institutes Doctoral programmes are also available keeping the interest of candidates in mind. Top MBA colleges in Mathura and best MBA University in Delhi are offering such courses along with varied combinations to meet the varied interests and industry trends in mind. These days many companies give preference to candidates with dual degrees as it adds to the skill sets of the candidates.

Whatever programme you seek, it is necessary you put full effort to groom yourself properly for the national and international companies. Though good MBA institutes offer personality development and other essential skills to make your job-ready, it is important that you make your own efforts to achieve your goals in life.


Civil Engineers are on High Demand

Civil engineering is the oldest branch of engineering which is growing since the earliest age of civilization. Civil engineers are the unsung heroes of the human society and are an incremental part for creating everything from tall buildings to bridges, roads and railways. They can work in a versatile range of position and it is not just limited to this, because they work in constantly changing environment with all the required creativity, adaptability and good problem-solving skills along with the ability to think on one’s own feet. If you have fascination with the physical construction of buildings and other structures, and derive great delight at the prospect of designing modern architectural marvels, then you should opt for this engineering program.

Many reputed engineering institute in the country like, civil engineering colleges in UP offer upgraded programs for the aspiring students, along with various specializations. Among many specializations and its working areas, two of them are discussed below that will help you to hold some idea for this particular branch and its profession.

  • Building construction: First rate of urbanization and increase in the cost of land has forced to go for the vertical growth of the buildings. And so, it is very common to notice multi-storey buildings in metropolitan cities. This demand has brought in new building technologies. Here, civil engineers play an important role by conducting numerous researches and development in construction technology, meeting the demands of the society.

  • Geotechnical engineering: Soil property changes from place to place and in fact, the same place may not be uniform, as they hold different category and condition of land and soil. Hence, geotechnical engineers are appointed to properly investigate the land and soil in order to decide the safe load that can be spread into a specific area, since all the structures’ load depends on the strength of the soil.

Best colleges for civil engineering in Delhi NCR or for that matter anywhere else in the country design the courses in order to enhance the capability of students making them aware of the cutting edge technologies following the traditional concepts. However, in order to get enrolled into these reputed institutes you must complete your 12th grade in the science stream with the minimum percentage required, followed by other fixed norms.

Reasons to Study Engineering from Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is a big state which offers huge educational options. The state boasts of a number of engineering colleges / universities. First of all, we need to decide why should one study engineering. For those considering a degree in this area but need further convincing, the below mentioned reasons may help:

1. Modern and applicable

Of all the subjects on offer few have more modern applications than engineering. Engineering graduates make up about 25% of this country’s production as a work force, and it is a sector that offers immense employment opportunities.

2. Career satisfaction

Students drawn to a technology course probably do so because they find the subject interesting, and they will find employment in engineering and technology will continue to be interesting for the rest of their careers. There is the guarantee of change and evolution, so you have the thrill of knowing for certain you won’t be doing the same thing in 10 years’ time.

3. Transferable skills

An engineering-based education also allows students exposure to various technical subjects and skill sets. You will be able to develop skills that are transferable to most industries such as problem solving, decision making, innovation, project management, team working and communication.

4. Standard of Education

In order to do Engineering, you need to grades. Most courses won’t accept any less than straight As. The upside of this is that if you do get in, you are among the best, and can expect the best quality of education in your degree from former industry professionals who really know their stuff.

5. International skills

The world is a small yet diverse place, both more global, yet at the same time dividing people like nothing else. Engineering offers skills and knowledge that can be applied in any country or culture around the world today. Knowing a foreign language helps too.

6. The money

One of the key benefits of studying engineering is financial. The starting salaries are among the best across all industry sectors. The demand for skilled graduates outstrips supply, and businesses are struggling to find recruits for vacancies. New engineering graduates can expect to earn salaries higher than those in sales, human resources and even finance.

7. Practical work

Engineering is a hands on degree – every course worth its salt will give you access and practice with industrial standard materials and machinery.

IIMT University, Meerut, is one such university which strives to provide the best engineering education to its students through well qualified and dedicated faculties and well-equipped labs. The University offer all kinds of under-graduate & post graduate courses and is located in Meerut, a part of NCR. The unparalleled efforts by University has enabled it to be ranked among the best engineering Universities in U. P.

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