Ceiling fans are a better alternative for larger rooms

Not all the households can afford air conditioners and not everyone likes keeping their houses packed. Ceiling fans as an invention has done great good to the market. They are used all through the three seasons and don’t need much of maintenance. They are cost efficient too. Here are a few reasons why one should choose ceiling fans.

  • Doesn’t come in the way of ventilation:

Ceiling fans don’t come on the way of ventilation and are pretty airy. They help your cause and don’t have you change the temperature all the time. You can keep the windows open and it won’t affect the fan. It only makes your room airier and nicer.

  • Is cheap and affordable:

Ceiling fans are really cheap and can be afforded by almost any household. You can choose the best ceiling fans for large rooms and they wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

  • Doesn’t waste electricity:

Compared to air conditioners, ceiling fans need less electricity and are efficient that way. You can also buy ceiling fans that come with a guarantee of using low voltage on even working at low voltages. Unless you are very careless and leave the ceiling fan on for the whole day, your electricity bill stays in check and the consumption is also low.

  • Comes in sizes and designs that will just steal your heart:

When you are looking for best ceiling fans for large rooms, you can try a variety of sizes. From the 52’ inch blade size to the 56’ inch blade size. Buy ceiling fans that serve your purpose and you can even customize them according to your room décor.

Ceiling fans have made lives easier. They don’t take any space and don’t come in your way. They are cost effective and affordable. You can choose whatever size, design or colour you want for your living room, bedroom or even kitchen. Well, if we forgot, ceiling fans can also be used in kitchens and bathrooms. One needs air everywhere, duh!

Ceiling Fans for home

Ceiling fans can actually decrease your energy consumption in the summer. Highly reliable and durable air ceiling fan is a must-have for your home. The best ceiling fans for house should have the ability to seamlessly blend into the décor of your room.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have always been a go-to solution to beat the heat. They are an imperative part of every home and are built to be energy efficient. Basically, it a cost-effective air circulator system that not only helps to keep your home cool and breezy but can also adds style to your room. The fan blades and the body have a long-lasting, corrosion-resistant coating. The fan is equipped to work even at low voltage for uninterrupted cooling.

Benefits of ceiling fans

Fans deliver high air delivery and air thrust to offer the best in comfort and coolness. Incorporating ceiling fans in your home brings numerous advantages that go beyond cooling off a room. It does not really reduce the space air temperature but actually distributes the air inside the room which creates a cooling effect. Here is the list of few common advantages of placing ceiling fans in your house.

  • Ceiling fans lower energy costs: It is cheaper as an initial investment than an Air conditioner which can reduce your power bills. They also act as a backup in case there is a break down in the Air conditioner.

  • Offers versatility from room-to-room: It makes room windy and breezy and contributes to an enjoyable environment in almost any room of your house.

  • They are a style driven accessory: It improves the decor of the rooms while delivering reliable and efficient performance.

  • Provides beautiful and functional illumination: There are ceiling flags which comes with a light that allows you to contribute to the layered lighting design of your room thus adds happiness to your life.

Additionally, you can get the best ceiling fans for home online that will provide a uniform and brisk cooling experience. Moreover, you can upgrade your homes with the trendiest and unique designer fans by exploring the range of fans online relaxing on the couch and make a statement.

Things to remember while buying ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are one of the most neglected appliances. But buying a ceiling fan is a difficult job as there is a number of factors which depends on buying the right kind of ceiling fan for your home. You can buy a ceiling fan matching the home décor, or a fan which a three-speed motor. It is very important to buy the ceiling fan which is value for money.

Many people overlook the performance as they want to get a fancy one. But with a good performance, you can get a stylish ceiling fan. Here are the factors which should be kept in mind-

  1. Blade Shape and Size

The performance of the fan and the look depends on the shape and size of the blade. The blades should not be too long or too wide. As the blades do not determine the air flow. But a too small blade won’t provide sufficient air too. So while buying a fan you should talk to an expert for best ceiling fans.

  1. RPM

This is the speed of the fan, how fast does it move. The faster the blade moves the more air they move. The perfect range of RPM can be managed with six-speed ranging settings from lower to high.

  1. Right Size for every Room

No one would want to buy a fan which circulates less air, everyone would like to have a fan which cools your room properly. So you need to choose the size of the plate according to your size of the room.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Best Ceiling Fans in India have the best energy efficiency as they consume less energy. You will always like to have an application which consumes less energy and performs well. The BEE star rated products consume less energy. While buying a fan you should always check this.

  1. The height of the ceiling

The fan should be about 10 to 12 inches from the ceiling. This will help the fan to circulate air properly. But if the ceiling is vaulted you need a long road and install the fan 8 to 9 feet above the floor.

  1. Motor

The motor is the most important part of the fan. If the motor is more powerful, the motor will provide you with better performance. A high powered fan can be more expensive but you will get a better return on this investment. The air flow, durability, and many other features depend upon the motor of the fan. As there are so many varieties, you should contact an expert and get the right fan for your room.

  1. Accessories

The color, the design, and other accessories depending on the décor of the room. Now the fan comes with the lighting provision which has made our life easier. These light also provide an elegant look. You can adjust the light and the fan at the same time with a remote control.

When all these factors have been achieved so you can be sure about the fan and its performance.

Varieties of Ceiling Fans in the Market

Ceiling fans are an indispensable part of the lives of those who live in the tropical countries which have scorching summer for most of the year. From the big structured 4 bladed fan to the recently launched 3 bladed fans which can be operated by a remote, the category of ceiling fans have undergone a huge transformation. Let’s have a look at the various types of ceiling fans that are available in the market:

  • The Standard Category: These are the ones which have been available since eternity. These fans are used for both low ceilings and high ceilings. These are available with integrated lighting and merge your ceiling fan and your overhead light fixture into one component.

  • Ceiling fan with Dual Motor: When you go to buy ceiling fans make sure you choose it according to the size of the room it will be used for. Fans with dual motor technology are the best for large rooms as they have two adjustable fan heads.

  • Energy Efficient Fans: if you wish to lessen your electricity bills then we suggest you go for these energy efficient fans which will help you to save up to 20% of energy due to its energy-efficient motors and aerodynamic blades.

  • The Three Blades Ceiling Fan: This has also recently come up in the market. Unlike the earlier ones, this category includes fans which are small in size with a lesser number of blades but renders a better performance. It moves with great speed and is enough to cool small and big rooms equally well.

  • Remote Operated Ceiling Fans: This is the latest invention and is too useful for all you lazy bones who can sit back at your couch and put the fan on and off and even regulate the speed by a remote. These are also star rated and energy efficient which doesn’t consume much electricity and you won’t be getting a whopping amount of electric bill at the end of every month.

If you plan to buy ceiling fans it is always advisable to buy ceiling fans in bulk to get exclusive deals. You will get decent discounts if you buy a large number of fans together.

Exploring Fans Made by the top 10 Fans Companies in India

In case you are confused about what are the best ceiling brands in India, then this exclusive blog post is going to tell you all about that. As you know the products make a brand – and before going into deeper about branding, you need to consider some features which the top 10 fans companies in India incorporate in their products range.

The highlights of the fans made by reputed ceiling fan companies in India


The ultra modern fans are energy savings, save more than 50% electricity, and thus bills


These fans come with a remote control, no regulator needed, saves space on switchboard


These new-age fans come in attractive colours range and designer leaves


Inverter/UPS friendly to run twice longer with no extra noise and no speed drop at all


The fans made by renowned companies like Ortem Fans deliver more air than ordinary fans


No speed fluctuation due to voltage fluctuation. The fans can run at top speed even when you have low voltage.


The high quality copper motor runs always cool without generating any heat


Warranty up to 5 years with onsite service commitments

You must consider the following things feature-wise at your own end before making the final purchase-

  • World-class ball bearings

  • Recyclable card board box

  • ROHS electronics

  • VOC free paint

  • Powder coated Aluminium die cast body & leaves – no rust

  • Power factor better than 0.9

  • Parts from reputed sources

  • Feather touch keys in remote

  • Green packing – no polythene bags or thermo cole

  • Service value of more than 6 – more air per watt

  • LED Indication for remote operation

  • Sensor-less design for more reliability

Ortem Fans in India has a strong dealer network across the country to offer perfect ease and convenience of buying to its customers. The company offers its entire products range both online and offline.

5 Points to check while buying ceiling fans

You should always keep a lot of factors in mind while buying a ceiling fan. A few among them have been listed below for your confidence. Have a look at the following points you should check while buying ceiling fans.

  • Size of the Room: All the ceiling fan companies in India opine that you should always mind the size of the room that you are buying the fan for. If it a considerable large room with high walls you should go for the big structured fans with a strong motor and preferably the ones with 4 blades.

  • The Height of the Ceiling: The height of the ceiling is a major concern that should be kept in mind while buying a ceiling fan. A fan should be it should be hung seven feet above the floor of the room. In case the ceiling is higher than usual a longer drop rod is required to suspend the fan. If the height of the room isn’t correctly measured it can lead to cooling issues.

  • Quality of the Motor: The performance of a ceiling fan depends on the quality of its motor. A good quality motor elongates the fan’s life and betters its cooling capacity along with managing its noise levels. Fans with good motors do not make much noise when they are on.

  • Blades Quality: Apart from the motor the blades of a fan should be of a strong and good quality too which can otherwise breakdown if a fan is put on always at a high speed. A good quality motor and good quality blades are complementary to each other as far as ceiling fans are concerned.

  • Budget: There are many ceiling fan suppliers in India who supply many qualities of fans. You should choose according to your budget and your need. However, it is always advisable not to buy cheap quality products as it may go useless after a certain point in time due to the use of duplicate parts while manufacturing.

The above factors, when kept in mind and adhered to, will make you select the best ceiling fan for your room within a considerable amount.

Buy Ceiling Fans of Top Brands

In a hot and humid country like India, where winter season hardly lasts for more than three months, a ceiling fan is a must have appliance for your homes. A more affordable option than air conditioners and air coolers, ceiling fans keep you cool and calm without destabilising your budget or your energy bills. However, the sheer range of ceiling fans available in the market from top ceiling fan companies in India can often overwhelm a person intending to buy this all important summer appliance. Ceiling fans are available in large varieties with different style, design, motors, blade sizes, power consumption, air velocity and price ranges among others. What it means is that you need to be aware of your requirements and budget before you visit your nearest retailer to choose from best quality ceiling fans from top ceiling fan suppliers in India.

As a matter of first importance, you have to keep in mind your budget. Fans are accessible in various value ranges lying between few hundred to several thousands of rupees. In the event that you are on a restricted spending plan, go for low cost options or economy ceiling fans. These fans may not come equipped with fancy designs and features; however they can do a good job of keeping you cool and comfortable which essentially is the most important job of a fan.

You additionally should be fully aware of the purpose for which you are buying the ceiling fan. This is important as fans can serve their intended purpose well if they are placed in the right place. For example, buying a ceiling fan for your porch isn’t the same as buying one for your parlour. The temperature in your room may not be same as the temperature in your porch. Weather and climate has noteworthy effect on performance and life of a fan. This is the reason it is said that you should properly assess your needs before making a purchase.

Choose Best Quality Ceiling Fans for Office

You presumably require some premium quality ceiling fans to enable your employees to work in a cool and comfortable environment. This is important as it will boost their productivity and efficiency. In spite of the fact that most current workplaces have a brought together a centralised air conditioning system, it is still important to understand that you still can’t manage without quality ceiling fans with superior air delivery capacity. Air conditioners and fans supplement each other well and do a great job of keeping the workplace cool while driving down the electricity bill. So in the event that you are searching for best ceiling fans for office, it would be ideal if you focus on the accompanying variables which will enable you to pick ceiling fans that are a seamless blend of configuration, style and productivity.

Productivity of the fan

As a matter of first importance you have to consider the efficiency of the fan which is typically estimated as CFM (Cubic feet per meter). CFM alludes to the measure of air that the fan can move. It is quite evident that the higher the number, the more air the fan will convey. Be that as it may, CFM should not be the sole basis for deciding the efficiency of a fan. You needn’t bother with a huge size fan for a little office space. Additionally, the higher the CFM, the more noise the fan is likely to produce. This may not hold true in all cases as there are premium quality fans that offer very silent operation despite their motor size or their increased CFM rating. Likewise, you can do yourself a whole lot of good in the event that you choose fans that come with energy star level. The more the stars the fan has, more is its proficiency and the less power it will devour. Best ceiling fans for large rooms will usually have large blade and motor size. It allows them to deliver more air so the entire room is covered.

Tips to Buy Ceiling Fans for your Office

You probably need some high quality ceiling fans to allow your employees to work in comfort and maximise their productivity. Though most modern offices have a centralised air conditioning system, it is important to remember that you cannot do without high quality fans. Air conditioners and fans complement each other and do a good job of keeping the office cool while also driving down the electricity bill. So if you are looking for ceiling fans for office, please pay attention to the following factors which will help you choose ceiling fans that are an impeccable combination of design, style and efficiency.

Efficiency of the fan

First and foremost you need to take into account the efficiency of the fan which is usually measured as CFM (Cubic feet per metre). CFM refers to the amount of air that the fan can move. It is pretty obvious that the higher the number, the more air the fan will deliver. However, CFM should not be the sole criterion for determining the efficiency of a fan. You do not need a large size fan for a small office space. Also, the higher the number the more noise the fan is likely to generate. Also, you can do yourself a lot of good if you care to look for fans that come with energy star level. The more the stars the fan has, more is its efficiency and the less electricity it will consume.

Look online

After you have made up your mind and summed up your requirements, it is the time to look online researching about the price of the fans you have in mind. It is important as you can easily look up the prices of the fans without going anywhere and also compare their prices on various ecommerce sites. Additionally, majority of the ecommerce sites have reviews from people who have brought the fan before and have had experience using it. Their honest opinions and reviews can tell you good deal about the quality and efficiency of the fan and whether it is worth spending your money on them. All these factors will help you select the best ceiling fans for office that will keep the environment cool and also do a good job of adding to the overall look and décor of your office.