Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamic 365 for Sales has become a preferred business solution for many. Here we will discuss the various ways in which they help a business to develop and grow.

How can you transform your sales with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales has various functionalities that would help you to optimize your business operations. Find out how you can use those features to your benefit:

  1. Evolve your sales processes with contextual AI:

With contextual AI, you can focus on your customers, better than before. It also helps you to build trusted relationships with your clients, and take swift actions as it is a solution that merges relationship data and provides contextual insights that are AI-driven.

  1. Helps your sellers with tools to build relationships:

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, you can connect to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and together, they empower your sales employees to build a steady relationship with your clients.

  1. Boost your sales productivity:

This solution comes with simple, cohesive tools that support intelligent optimizations. You can utilize this to free up more time for selling as it helps to streamline sales processes.

  1. Improve your sales performance and coaching:

Evaluate your business and make smarter decisions with real-time data that is made available to you by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. You can stay up to date with the latest market trends and gather customer feedback and thereby train your employees to meet the market and customer needs.

  1. Get advanced insight and to boost sales profitability:

The contextual AI that comes with the suit helps you to identify successful sales talks with respective customers. With such conversation intelligence tools, you can get a better insight into sales operations and utilize them to optimize the business profitability.

  1. Bring in Innovation to your business:

As the D365 for Sales demo would show, the suit is flexible enough to undergo integration, customization, extension, etc. Thus, as a user, you can drive innovation with such adaptable and scalable sales solutions.

Thus, when it comes to the sales aspect of your business, Dynamics 365 for sales can cover it all. It is your one-stop solution for efficient sales operations. However, it must be considered that in order to utilize the maximum of this business solution, you must hire an implementation partner.

The following are the responsibilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partners:

  1. The implementation partners are going to present you with a D365 for Sales demo.
  2. After the D365 for a Sales demo, they are going to evaluate your business and device the perfect suit for you.
  3. In the case of requirements, they are going to tailor the existing solutions.

They prove constant support to you during and after implementation.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Functions of the Implementation Partners

The introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 has created quite a stir in the market. Here we will discuss Microsoft Dynamics 365.

 Benefits of Dynamics 365

Integrated your entire business:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 introduces an integrated platform that brings together the ERP and CRM aspects of business solutions. These business solutions are manufactured by Microsoft itself. However, they are marketed and licensed through Microsoft Dynamics Partners in Australia.

Secures and automates business processes:

Microsoft Dynamics support is so strong in its security and technology that you can digitalize and automate your business operations without any risk of leak-out. There is hardly any mix-up in the logs, and you can conduct organized workflow, audit trails, etc.

Delivers to you an end-to-end view of your business:

Microsoft Business Solutions help you to get a thorough look at your business by collecting and displaying the data from accounting sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interaction. The data also gets automatically updated, so you never have to miss an important notice.

Enables Mobility:

Microsoft Business Solutions work exactly as efficiently over any other device as on-premises basis. Thus, you can mobilize your business and connect to different executives of your company, anytime, anywhere, through different devices.

Improves business intelligence:

Value for trusted customers and their investments: the trusted customers of Microsoft are offered a considerable amount of discount on their transition expenses. Any user who wants to upgrade to dynamics 365 from an older version, prior to October 31st, 2016, can avail of this offer through Microsoft Dynamics Partners.

Taking care of new users:

Even though the pricing of Microsoft Dynamics 365 seems like a great deal for new users, there are chances of cost-cutting. The users only have to pay for the core entities that they use. There are industry specific discounts, available as well.

Microsoft Dynamics Partners and their functions

Microsoft Dynamics Partners are a wide network of service providers who work as intermediators in-between Microsoft and its trusted users. Their responsibility includes the demo, implementation, and support. Some of their basic functionalities are discussed below.

Evaluate new solutions: Microsoft Dynamics Partners is also Microsoft Dynamics Support. One of their prime functionalities includes the analysis and evaluation of the new functionalities and solutions that are launched by Microsoft. They are then able to serve the particular needs of the clients with more precision.

Customize existing solutions: all clients are not satisfied with the same services. The demand of the customer differs from industry and business-specific needs. Thus, the responsibility of the implementation partners is to provide the required Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions and tailor the existing solutions to meet the needs of the clients.

Keeping you updated: it is completely up to the implementation partners to provide a constant Microsoft Dynamics support to its users, in terms of advice, consultation, customer service, and optimization.


This article discusses the various utilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the function of the implementation partners. The focus of the article is to enlighten the customers or potential customers about the varied benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions.

Learn How to Migrate a Blog from Blogger to WordPress

As we know that blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms which gain very quick attraction among those wanting to begin blogging for the very first time. As it cost nothing to begin a website/blog, blogger made a very simple entrance to blogging for everybody. A couple of years back especially, it was all the rage, everything was blogging around Blogger. Blogger was eventually acquired by Google.


We remember the time when we used to run a blog on Blogger, we will not share the URL though, we are somewhat embarrassed of those previous days.


Although, Blogger has a broad set of functions and features for a novice blogger, it may not be a perfect match for everyone particularly for people who need a blog with advanced customization choices.


Therefore as you grow being a blogger, you may like to move your own blog from Blogger to WordPress. Shifting your blogging stage can be scary. Nobody likes to risk losing their hard earned visitors and search engine position while migrating your blog from Blogger to WordPress.. Inside this article guides you about how to migrate a blog from blogger to WordPress step by step method during custom wordpress development without losing visitors and search engine juice.




Import Blogger articles/blogs/posts and pictures to WordPress self-hosted blog

Keep same URL for articles/posts

Maintain search engine position by redirecting traffic from the old blog to the new blog


NB:Try this to a development environment initially to be sure you have received the nitty gritty info right. You do not want to crash and burn off in the middle of the migration. Do not rush this, think it through well.


Step #1: Install WordPress on your host


In case you did not establish a customized domain on your Blogger blog, then you have to install WordPress on your own host as the very first step. These days, every leading hosting websites support one-click installation of WordPress. So this step must not be that hard.


We’re hosted on and recommend InMotion as being a web hosting platform for your own WordPress.


If you did establish a customized domain, you will require to install WordPress on a temporary URL on your own host & modify the DNS settings after the complete migration, any wordpress development company can help to do this for you. As setting temporary URL differs for every host, you’ll need to look for the hosting company’s guide for this.


Usually, this involves going into the DNS Zone Editor


Step #2: Import data from Blogger to WordPress


Before importing data to WordPress, ensure that your permalinks are same to the Blogger permalink structure.


In your WordPress dashboard, click on Settings → Permalinks → and select customized structure.

Add this value “/%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html” to the custom structure field and save it.


After specifying the permalinks structure, you can begin importing data from Blogger. Automatically, WordPress comes with an integrated tool for copying data from Blogger.


In your WP dashboard, visit Tools → Import → Install. When you installed the importer plugin, then you have to activate it and run the importer. WordPress will subsequently request your permission to control your Blogger account.
Click ‘allow access’.

If you’re running more than 1 blog, choose which blog you’d love to import to the WordPress. Once you’re done, you can observe the posts, categories, and comments have been imported to the WordPress.


Step #3: Making WordPress permalinks seem identical to Blogger


If you attentively studied the permalinks of the posts you imported to WordPress, you will observe that the arrangement of blogger permalinks and WP permalinks are same, but still the post URL is identical. Since our aim while migrating is really to not lose the visitors or search rankings, we will want to make the URL structure look just the same even after the migration.


Use the following steps to create the WordPress permalinks look like Blogger. Insert the following code to a PHP file and then save it as fix.php. Then, upload into the root directory.






$res=$wpdb->get_results(“SELECT post_id, meta_value FROM $wpdb->postmeta WHERE meta_key = ‘blogger_permalink'”);




foreach ($res as $row){


$slug = explode(“/”,$row->meta_value);


$slug = explode(“.”,$slug[3]);


$wpdb->query(“UPDATE $wpdb->posts SET post_name ='” . $slug[0] . “‘ WHERE ID = $row->post_id”);


$wpdb->print_error(); }


echo “DONE”; ?>


Step #4: Import gadgets and redirect the pages


By default WordPress importer can’t import both the gadgets and the pages from the Blogger. That means you will need to import both gadgets and pages manually just by copying and pasting the code into the WordPress.


As you are able to observe, in both the platforms the URL structures of the webpages are quite different. However, right after copying the pages to WordPress you can make use of the WordPress redirection plug-in for manually redirecting the pages without even losing the visitors.


In other words, before migration here is how the URL of the page will look like on Blogger:

Using the redirection plug-in, the above mentioned URL can be redirected into the following page URL:


Step #5: Redirect the blogger post URL into the exact WordPress blog posts


Till now, you have imported your entire Blogger blog posts, gadgets and pages to the WordPress host, and also successfully redirected all of the Blogger pages to WP pages. That is fantastic!


Even though, all the pages and posts of your customized domain are redirecting to the exact page, you are able to still see the default blogspot URL is not successfully redirecting to the exact URL. That is, ‘’ isn’t currently redirecting to ‘’ but to the homepage. Hence the focus of this step is to set up a 1-to-1 mapping among the blogspot posts to your WP posts.


Install this plug-in and activate it. After that, follow the plug-in setup guide given below.


Step 1:

Under Tools, click on Blogger to WordPress Redirection.


Step 2:

Now you will observe the configuration web page of the plug-in. Click on ‘start configuration’.



Step 3:

Click get code. Now, you will get a template code which has to be added into your Blogger template.



Step 4:

Copy the code and then paste it into your Blogger template. Then, just click save template.



Step 5:

Return to the WordPress dashboard and then click verify configuration.



Congrats! You have not redirected your blogspot URL into the exact WordPress posts.


Step #6: .htaccess tweak


To redirect archive files, insert the following code into your htaccess file.


#Redirect archives


RewriteRule ^([0-9]{4})([0-9]{1,2})([0-9]{1,2})_archive.html$ $1/$2/ [L,R=301]


#Redirect labels/categories


RewriteRule ^search/label/(.*)$ category/$1/ [L,R=301]


If you did not set the customized domain on your own Blogger blog, you can see your previous blog is now successfully redirecting to WordPress. If you did set customized domain, you are able to modify the temporary URL to the actual URL, and modify the DNS configurations accordingly.


And that is it – you must currently have been able to migrate your own blogger WordPress whilst maintaining the aims at the very top of the post!

Everything you need to know about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The need for smart and innovative ERP systems has become the need of the hour and you need to make sure that you gang up with the partner. Microsoft Dynamic solutions can be the ideal platform for you to make sure that you can present your audience in the best manner and also makes the automation process streamlined as well. There are many partners that you can associate yourself with in order to get the best quality of automation services. But you want to make sure that you have put your money on the most marketable option that can help you with the best in class services.

Microsoft dynamics 365 business central can be the ideal solution to help you out in such cases making things easier and smoother for you. They have the guile and expertise that is required in this sector to make sure that they can provide you with added audience and you are able to satiate your customer base with ease.

Here are some of the features of the business central that set it apart from the other available tools in the sector –

Smart user interface – One of the first things that you will love about the Dynamics 365 is the interface which is different from any other brand in the market. The interface is technically advanced with a modern look that allows you to keep the hold of the things in a personalized manner.

You can easily personalize the data and other important feeds on the page with ease without having great technical knowledge. As a user, things tend to get easier and simpler for you. The features like the tags, smart notifications and icons are what make the interface completely lovable and you all will do nothing but applaud the efforts.

Friendliness to mobiles – The second feature of the app which makes it so much marketable is the fact that it is highly friendly to all types of mobiles be it android, i-phone or even the windows phone. Thus, as a user, you have the luxury to use and control the functions anytime and anywhere by using your mobile phone.

Microsoft services integration – This is probably the actual reason why you shall opt for the Dynamics 365 central. The business central works well with the cloud based Dynamic 365 apps. But the added feature of the app which makes it so marketable is that it actually works flawlessly with Microsoft apps such as office 365, Power point apps amongst popular Microsoft apps.

It makes things that much easier for you as an admin as you can make use of any third party which is required for enabling any additional feature. It also allows you to generate the quotes with ease like generating quotes based on the email content by making use of mail merge. There are other similar features which you can enable with ease when making use of business central. You can also ask for the dynamics 365 business central demo in order to get additional knowledge about the product.

Personalized customization – Most of the people like to have the business page and portal customized as per the required needs and choices. This is one thing which you are surely going to have with the business central. It is very easy to customize the page without any problem. You can design the home as well as other pages as per your choices.

In addition to this, there is also an added feature that allows you to add the extensions that you want with no fuss.

Artificial intelligence – The last but by no means the least feature of the platform which makes it an ideal choice for you is the artificial intelligence. It helps you with accurate forecasts and helps the audience in a great manner. It helps them with better recommendations based on their profile and shopping history that makes the audience addicted to your website.

It also helps you with the analytical data so that you can come up with the products and services that are demanded most by the clients. So, all in all, the platform offers a great scope for any and every type of business industry.

A Brief Discussion about Microsoft Dynamics 365

There has been much speculation about the integration of ERM and CRP under one roof with the launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365. While the company has kept almost all the functionalities intact, certain changes are to be acknowledged and dealt with. Here is a brief discussion about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its implementation partners.

What are the editions that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available in?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available in two versions or editions. One caters to small to medium-sized businesses and the other caters to medium to large-sized businesses. The one that offers business solutions to small to medium-sized businesses is known Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central while the one serving medium to large-sized businesses are called Dynamics 365 Enterprise.

How does Microsoft reach out to its clients and customers?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners

The entire process of licensing and subscription is dealt with by a wide network of service providers called Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners. They help with both Dynamics 365 Enterprise and Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation. Their functions are not only limited to that. They are one of the most crucial intermediaries that connect the manufacturer and the consumers.

What do dynamics 365 partners help with?

dynamics 365 partners help

  1. Tailoring pre-set solutions: no business owner wants to box their business up into a pre-set account setting. Microsoft business solutions have existing functionalities that any business module can fit into. However, to retain that personal touch, owners tend to customize the programs. This is where they need Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners. They are the ones who carry out the process and present the clients with the desired solutions.
  2. Expert advice on licensing: it is to be kept in mind that different business and different industries have different needs. Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation, itself may help the businesses to a great degree with its general features, but when it comes to licensing, there is often the chance of enrolling into uselessly elaborate functionalities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners will ensure you choose only the right one for you.
  3. Keeping pace with the market: as a company, Microsoft is always growing. They are constantly updating their programs, line of solutions, etc. this often turns in favor of the users but it certain cases, there is a difficulty in transferring the data and understanding the process of use, language, etc. Having efficient and experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners always prove to be profitable to customers as they are there to clear all doubts.

There is no doubt in the fact that Microsoft has an intact reputation when it comes to reliability and efficiency. However, one can enjoy that in its utmost form with the help of the Dynamics 365 Enterprise or Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation partners. With a devoted supporting team, they can provide the best service experience.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 has reorganized certain existing business solutions previously offered by Microsoft. There are certain specifications that need to be kept in mind. The best way to keep in pace is to hire reputed implementation partners.

The Most Useful and Attractive Stones to Use for Flooring

Natural stone flooring is a great option for any construction. There are various benefits of stone flooring such as their hard wearing, easy maintenance, and convenience in cleaning. When it comes to the fashion quotient, stone flooring is timeless. They never go out of trend. It is also durable and hygienic. There are several other qualities that make stone flooring the best choice. However, the tiles used for stone flooring are not any stone. There are few stones that have climbed the ladder in terms of the best option for flooring material. The following are the most common types of stone flooring tiles:

    • Granite: being one of the hardest and the most durable natural stones, granite makes one of the most common and popular choices for natural stone flooring tiles. They are available in multiple colors and add a classy look to the floor. The most usual colors are black, white, brown and beige. They are also used to build kitchen counters as their non-porous quality makes them resistant to acidic stains. Their easy maintenance and availability make them perfect for such uses.



  • Limestone: limestone is one of the most smooth stones available in the market. Though this smoothness is credited to the sellers, as they are polished, they are comparatively smoother than other natural rocks. They are mostly monochromatic and consistent in their appearance and look like ordinary tiles on the surface. However, on touch, they are unmistakable as rocks. As stone flooring tiles, they are prone to acidic stain as they are porous in nature.


    • Slate: one of the most reliable natural rocks used as stone flooring tiles are slate. The textured quality of this particular type of rock makes it a safe material for flooring exposed to moisture. These tiles are therefore mostly used to make outdoor pathways, bathrooms and pool decks. They are usually found in darker and muted shades of grey, red and green. These stones provide good grip and longevity.


    • Marble: they are by far the most preferred and popular natural stones in the market. They are extensively used for the manufacturing stone flooring tiles. Marbles are very likely to get stained. That is, they have little resistance to starch and stains. However, there glorious appearance and abundant color variations, besides their durability make them one of the best options. Marble also keeps the floor cool during the summer.


    • Travertine: its popularity is largely based on its classic look. The light being and white colored hues of the stone provide them with an elegant appearance. Their presence in the old Roman buildings and monuments provides them with the royal appeal that they reflect. Being porous in nature, they need a sealer to become resistant to stains. They are used for the construction of both, floors and walls in bathrooms and entry-ways.

5.   Travertine

Thus, if you are opting for stone flooring, you must consider the above-mentioned stones. They are both practically useful and aesthetically beautiful. They are also available in various ranges.



Everything you must know about the Microsoft Dynamics implementation & partner consulting

If you want to understand the accurate effectiveness of Microsoft Dynamics it is essential to know everything regarding its implementation. It is said that the Microsoft dynamics implementation partner in Sydney, Australia depends upon the requirement of the business. According to the requirement, one can select the CRM depending upon the strategy that fits the particular business. There are many businesses which can use the implementation of standard and balanced one according to their choice; others might go in for the agile or rapid approach suiting the requirement of their business. In order to make the perfect implementation of the Microsoft business solutionsit is essential to identify the solution that fits perfectly.

Microsoft Dynamics implementation

With the help of this software, you get the data of the business handy and you can also customize it according to the requirement of your business. You must do it with a great understanding of the complexities involving your business. It requires expertise to the core so that you get the perfect results based on the functionalities of your business.

The main and attractive points to select Microsoft dynamics implementation are as follows:

  • Microsoft Dynamics can help your business with reduced expenses, linking the well-organized and proficient CRM implementation that comes with flexible ERP solution. With the help of this, your business can get exponential amplification in terms of the capacity of making sound profits, if you follow it.
  • With the help of this software, you can get better and secured services which are highly customizable and this customized implementation process will help you in building loyalty with your customers throughout the business.
  • When you use the Microsoft SharePoint solutions for your business you can get the access of the required data immediately at any time. That means you have the ease of getting the appropriate and updated data to the people who require it at the important time when they can be in a situation where they have to take the essential decisions for the business. It definitely makes it possible to have the precise assessment of taking decisions immediately for the right people.
  • When you link it up with the sufficient ERP solutions you are sure to steadily make the most of the worth of an assortment of division of the business prolifically.

An Overview of the field of Development Studies

The field of development studies addresses the issues of economic inequalities with the combination of social science with international relations. In other words, the development studies educate and help the students to find resource limitations, global inefficiencies, and poverty. Many students are pursuing their development studies in India. The program focuses on enhancing the research, writing, thinking and communication skills of the students. Numerous students go for the higher education and search for the best college for development studies in India.

Courses related to development studies

BA in development studies

It is an undergraduate course designed for the student who has completed 10+2 with the arts background. This course teaches them various aspects and challenges facing development and public policy. The course focuses on the various challenges and issues faced by the developing world. During the course, Students critically analyze the developmental aspects of society at the national and international level.

Course duration: 3 years

Eligibility criteria:

  • The basic eligibility criterion is that the candidate must have completed 10+2 with aggregate 50 % marks from a recognized educational board.

  • Candidate’s performance in the relevant entrance exam

Master’s in development studies

With masters in development studies, students have the opportunity to get a masters degree in anthropology, ecology economics and political sociology. As an individual, the student will learn how to develop interpersonal relations.

Course duration: 2 years

Eligibility criteria: Students with a bachelor degree in social science and humanity or other equivalent courses from a recognized university can apply for this course.

Selection process: The selection of candidate is based upon a selection process followed by entrance test then group discussion and the last is a personal interview.

Subjects in Development Studies

  • Area studies

  • Community development

  • Demography

  • Demographics

  • Ecology

  • Economic development

  • Geography

  • Human rights

  • Human security

  • International development

  • Migration studies

  • Pedagogy

Career options in development studies

The students can opt for the following career options after completing their bachelors and masters degree in development studies.

  • Policy analyst

  • Social worker

  • Community service officer

  • Policy advisor

Management as a field of study has emerged drastically over the years

Over the last two decades, management as a field of study has emerged. There are so many options for people pursuing a degree in management and that has just increased the number of aspirants. It is getting tougher by the day to get a seat in one of the most elite institutes in the country to get a BBA degree or any relevant degree in management. Here are a few reasons why management as a field of study has emerged in the past few decades. If you are looking to get a degree in management, you can apply for top college for BBA in Delhi or top college for BBA in India.

  • Better job opportunities:

There is no denying to the fact that management as a career option has gained grounds in the past couple decades. The reasons are pretty simple, one can easily get a high paying job after completing their degree. If you wish to get a job that pays well, do try to get into one of the top colleges for BBA in Delhi or top college for BBA in India.

  • Explore your creativity:

Another very important reason why management degree has become an asset is because it lets you to explore your creativity and helps you build your niche. You can be great with marketing or accounts, all you need is a degree in management and you are ready for the job market. What is stopping you? Apply for one of the top college for BBA in Delhi or top college for BBA in India and get yourself a degree that makes life easier.

  • Job Security:

Though there is not much of a job security in the private sector, a degree in management can still assure you jobs and a slight job security. Get yourself a degree from any top college for BBA in Delhi or top college for BBA in India and wait for the life that follows.

The reason management courses have gained momentum in our country is the growing economy and the need for better managers. Every year thousands of students opt for a degree in management to be able to contribute to the ever growing economy.

Pursuing L.L.B. From India

L.L.B. stands for Legum Baccalaureus in Latin language and is a bachelor degree course. L.L.B. is a five years program which has 10 semesters with 60 subjects. Earlier it was just 3 years program which was pursued after completing the graduation but now it is a five years program which can be pursued after 10+2, many more courses have been integrated out of it such as B.S.W. L.L.B. (Hons.), B.B.A L.L.B. (Hons.), B.Com. L.L.B. (Hons.), B.Sc. L.L.B. (Hons.).There are many best LLB colleges in India who offer various L.L.B. programs to the students.

BBA LL.B is an integrated program and the course has a duration of five years. In the tenure of the course BBA LL.B the first three years graduation subjects are taught and in the next two years law subjects are taught. Admissions to this course are done keeping in mind your 10+2 result or some colleges and universities conduct an entrance exam. You can find the best B.B.A. L.L.B. colleges in Delhi NCR.

Carrier Opportunities after Doing L.L.B. Degree

Law graduates are the one who can work in all three government organizations such as administrative, law-making, and judiciary. LLB has a wide scope, you can do specialisation in field of criminal lawyer who specialises in criminal laws CrPC, Evidence Act, IPC etc, legal analyst who works for a law firms or a corporate firms, legal journalist who covers all the proceedings going in the international courts, adjudication courts and also covers negotiation events, government lawyer who works for the government and helps the police, judge who sits on the judgement seat and gives his final verdict on a particular case in the court, document drafting lawyer who drafts agreement documents or documents containing terms and conditions or case materials, civil litigation lawyer who sees to all the civil laws such as excise laws, taxation laws etc.

There are numerous job opportunities after completing LLB degree such advocate or a legal advisor, government lawyer, judiciary, teaching, journalist, legal outsourcer, corporate legal manager, legal counsel, legal service chief etc. lawyer is one of the highest paying professions and this attracts many students to take L.L.B. as their higher degree course.