A Brief Discussion about Microsoft Dynamics 365

There has been much speculation about the integration of ERM and CRP under one roof with the launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365. While the company has kept almost all the functionalities intact, certain changes are to be acknowledged and dealt with. Here is a brief discussion about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its implementation partners.

What are the editions that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available in?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available in two versions or editions. One caters to small to medium-sized businesses and the other caters to medium to large-sized businesses. The one that offers business solutions to small to medium-sized businesses is known Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central while the one serving medium to large-sized businesses are called Dynamics 365 Enterprise.

How does Microsoft reach out to its clients and customers?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners

The entire process of licensing and subscription is dealt with by a wide network of service providers called Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners. They help with both Dynamics 365 Enterprise and Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation. Their functions are not only limited to that. They are one of the most crucial intermediaries that connect the manufacturer and the consumers.

What do dynamics 365 partners help with?

dynamics 365 partners help

  1. Tailoring pre-set solutions: no business owner wants to box their business up into a pre-set account setting. Microsoft business solutions have existing functionalities that any business module can fit into. However, to retain that personal touch, owners tend to customize the programs. This is where they need Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners. They are the ones who carry out the process and present the clients with the desired solutions.
  2. Expert advice on licensing: it is to be kept in mind that different business and different industries have different needs. Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation, itself may help the businesses to a great degree with its general features, but when it comes to licensing, there is often the chance of enrolling into uselessly elaborate functionalities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners will ensure you choose only the right one for you.
  3. Keeping pace with the market: as a company, Microsoft is always growing. They are constantly updating their programs, line of solutions, etc. this often turns in favor of the users but it certain cases, there is a difficulty in transferring the data and understanding the process of use, language, etc. Having efficient and experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners always prove to be profitable to customers as they are there to clear all doubts.

There is no doubt in the fact that Microsoft has an intact reputation when it comes to reliability and efficiency. However, one can enjoy that in its utmost form with the help of the Dynamics 365 Enterprise or Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation partners. With a devoted supporting team, they can provide the best service experience.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 has reorganized certain existing business solutions previously offered by Microsoft. There are certain specifications that need to be kept in mind. The best way to keep in pace is to hire reputed implementation partners.

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