The Most Useful and Attractive Stones to Use for Flooring

Natural stone flooring is a great option for any construction. There are various benefits of stone flooring such as their hard wearing, easy maintenance, and convenience in cleaning. When it comes to the fashion quotient, stone flooring is timeless. They never go out of trend. It is also durable and hygienic. There are several other qualities that make stone flooring the best choice. However, the tiles used for stone flooring are not any stone. There are few stones that have climbed the ladder in terms of the best option for flooring material. The following are the most common types of stone flooring tiles:

    • Granite: being one of the hardest and the most durable natural stones, granite makes one of the most common and popular choices for natural stone flooring tiles. They are available in multiple colors and add a classy look to the floor. The most usual colors are black, white, brown and beige. They are also used to build kitchen counters as their non-porous quality makes them resistant to acidic stains. Their easy maintenance and availability make them perfect for such uses.



  • Limestone: limestone is one of the most smooth stones available in the market. Though this smoothness is credited to the sellers, as they are polished, they are comparatively smoother than other natural rocks. They are mostly monochromatic and consistent in their appearance and look like ordinary tiles on the surface. However, on touch, they are unmistakable as rocks. As stone flooring tiles, they are prone to acidic stain as they are porous in nature.


    • Slate: one of the most reliable natural rocks used as stone flooring tiles are slate. The textured quality of this particular type of rock makes it a safe material for flooring exposed to moisture. These tiles are therefore mostly used to make outdoor pathways, bathrooms and pool decks. They are usually found in darker and muted shades of grey, red and green. These stones provide good grip and longevity.


    • Marble: they are by far the most preferred and popular natural stones in the market. They are extensively used for the manufacturing stone flooring tiles. Marbles are very likely to get stained. That is, they have little resistance to starch and stains. However, there glorious appearance and abundant color variations, besides their durability make them one of the best options. Marble also keeps the floor cool during the summer.


    • Travertine: its popularity is largely based on its classic look. The light being and white colored hues of the stone provide them with an elegant appearance. Their presence in the old Roman buildings and monuments provides them with the royal appeal that they reflect. Being porous in nature, they need a sealer to become resistant to stains. They are used for the construction of both, floors and walls in bathrooms and entry-ways.

5.   Travertine

Thus, if you are opting for stone flooring, you must consider the above-mentioned stones. They are both practically useful and aesthetically beautiful. They are also available in various ranges.



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