Top Placement Universities in North India

IIMT University has proven again that this in one Top Placement Universities in North India

with the massive number of placements in the most reputable companies in India. Every year when students find themselves despondent because of having no jobs. At the same time IIMT University provides the education in the manner so that the students are receiving calls from the best organisations from all over India. Students are being guided in the appropriate fashion for improving their commutation skills, leadership, integrity, enthusiasm towards the job, as well as the team works on every facet of the student.

If It is being ranked in one Top Placement Universities in North India the main reason is not only the faculty prepares students for the jobs but also train them in the way they could achieve their best in the future and brighten it at the same time. The main goal of IIMT University is to feed the students with their curiosity for their subjects not only theoretically but also practically. In addition, the lessons are designed and taught by the faculty in very interesting methods so that it becomes very easy to comprehend.

Excellence does not require the words it can be observed . IIMT University is working on the betterment of the education from last two decades. When the students get to know that around three hundred fifty companies participate in a university for campus placement only and most of the students secure jobs, it illustrates the fame, the unbelievable input and industry oriented approach of that university.

Moreover, the infrastructure, teacher and students ratio as well as the management attracts the students and motivate them to work on them so that they would be placed easily. Every year a massive hike can be seen when it comes to securing job by the students of IIMT University. Bookish knowledge can only make slaves those could work hard, In contrast the students in IIMT University are taught to lead from the front and to work smart.

In India, the engineering field has always been widely revered by parents. It is one of the few professions that has been able to barricade itself against the onslaught of automation and incredible progress. Moreover, with a boom in the IT sector, the demand for skilled IT personnel has grown manifolds. Hence, there has been a surge to secure admission in the top private engineering colleges in India. Thus IIMT UNIVERSITY has been rated on the basis of the infrastructure, placement statistics, quality of education, national importance, faculty competence, campus facilities and students’ preference.

Therefore, IIMT UNIVERSITY focuses on giving its students a well-rounded exposure to theory as well as practical knowledge, with an emphasis on developing soft skills. This, coupled with an arrangement of two placement seasons every year, has made it a preferred destination for top recruiters. Also IIMT UNIVERSITY has an independent placement office facilitating campus recruitment for MNCs & National Companies like Top Universities in the World and therefore, considered as Top Placement Universities in North India


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