IIMT University: New Hope for the Success

IIMT University : Pioneer in Job Placement in Uttar Pradesh Going to college or university isn’t just about preparing you for a career, but choosing the right institution and course can certainly impact on your graduate prospects. Placements give students the opportunity to gain skills specific to their subject or industry of choice as well as the employability skills required for real-life work. It also increases their knowledge of an industry or sector, allowing them to make better informed decisions about future career choices and IIMT University is one of the for Best Placement University in UP .

The aim of the IIMT University is to provide meaningful education, to conduct original research of the highest standard and to provide that extra edge in technological innovation for the industrial growth of the country. Since its inception the Institute has established itself as a premier center engaged in imparting quality technological education and providing support to research and development activities. IIMT University offers a unique learning experience across a spectrum of academic and social experiences and this quality establishes it as one of the Best Placement University in UP.

The Training and Placement Cell (TPC) at IIMT University is established to prepare its students for the large competitive world. The Training and Placement Cell consists of a team that combines the academic power of IIMT University with the vitality and ambition of the students. The Training and Placement Cell networks with the best companies in IT, Telecommunications, Mechanical, Electronics, Retailing, Manufacturing, Pharma, FMCG, and many other industry sectors on a day to day basis. This has resulted in a strong and beneficial relationship for the students, the Institute and the business community. Industry and Corporate Personnel are regularly invited to interact with the students and give them feel of real life industry/business scenario and that is why IIMT University one of the Best Placement University in UP .

The leading companies from all sectors are invited by the Placement Department on the campus, where the eligible students are facilitated to go through the entire selection process. The entire process is governed by the student’s ability and performance, as well as the requirements and norms of the Industry.IIMT University leverage human capital for competitiveness by nurturing knowledge, entrepreneurship and creativity. IIMT University believe it is these strengths that will help us successfully compete in a globally and exploit emerging opportunities. IIMT University reward the will to succeed and the desire to compete with the best in the world.


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