Fashion Industry experiencing an unstoppable flow of energy from Academic Circles

It’s no wonder; fashion industry is one of the most flourishing industries across the world. Be it Milan in Italy, or be it New York or London, Fashion never remains constant. Every day you come across something new in the fashion world, whether its style, texture, designs or definitions. The most dynamic and the most desired of all the industries, fashion keeps us motivated all day, and all years. It’s dynamism and its desirability has made it one of the most sought after professions across the globe. The growing demand has encouraged several academic institutions to introduce a fashion school in their campus. A decade ago, India had very few fashion colleges and institutions, but today the picture is completely different. IIMT Group is one of the leading academic groups offering world class fashion courses to its students.

Fashion sector is still at the very nascent stage in India. There are few polytechnic institutes that are offering basic level fashion designing courses. In Indian Metropolises you will come across many such fashion institutes that claim to offer fashion courses, but truth is they are not professional in their educational approach. Some of them only teach how to cut the cloths and stitch those, few teaches only embroidery and after completing courses from such places students land up becoming tailor in a shop or getting simple jobs of stitching or embroidery in some export house. These small institutes do not have the infrastructure and faculty to teach complete programs that can make them leading stylists or fashion professionals or even get them a lucrative jobs in the market.

To get lucrative jobs in the field of fashion and merchandising one needs to get a degree from some of the best institutes that are offering international standard professional courses in fashion. Along with some leading names in the industry that are offering international level courses in fashion and merchandising, IIMT universities have also made a mark in the field of fashion technology studies. The group has established world class fashion institutes in its campuses and universities located in several cities of India. IIMT University Meerut is one of the top 5 private universities in India and one of the most reputed top universities in delhi ncr. IIMT University Meerut is leading private university in the state of Rajasthan for its world class infrastructure and extensive educational programs and its IIMT School of Fashion Technology is counted in the list of top universities in delhi ncr too. The school is offering Bachelor in Designing and PhD in Design, Technology and Management for the candidates seeking to make career in this line.


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