Employee and customer satisfaction should always be your top priority, if you are the owner of a retail store or office. The idea of offering facilities includes many factors, along with providing protection even when they are supposed to walk out from the main building towards the parking lot. At present, the best way to provide protection is simply to install surveillance systems, with the help of which you can opt for monitoring the place, and you can take necessary action if any need arises. Therefore, in order to offer all-round protection you should install security cameras for car parked areas too, so that it will accordingly reduce vehicle break-ins, vandalism and various other security issues that usually take place within the car parking area.

However, when it comes to the selection of the electronic monitoring devices for such areas, it is not an easy task. As for security cameras with numerous styles and features are available in the market. Nevertheless, devices that come with 360-degree pan, which facilitate both the movement of camera and lens is considered the best. This feature allows automatic rotation providing complete view of the area. This way, your monitoring device can offer advantages in monitoring the large parking area.

Here, in this article, some of the features of the security cameras are discussed that will help you to select the right one for your car parking lot.

Recording Format

These monitoring systems will record footage of each and every individual who will enter and exit your campus. Such recorded footage can be produced as evidence whenever any need arises for an investigation, and it can be reviewed and evaluated for legal procedures. You can select a device which records image that can be viewed later or the other one which offers real-time monitoring facility via internet connection.

Generally, these surveillance systems are install that offer the view of a particular area. But you can select those systems that have the feature of pre-programming the pan and tilt settings. This will make it easier for you to monitor large areas. It means installing of few cameras can minimize costs while maximizing the level of security.

Night Vision

It is one of the important features that you should definitely consider. Night vision feature helps monitoring the area when it has poor lighting condition or it is completely dark. Surveillance systems with infrared light and IR filter can record footage in low-light or even in complete darkness.

Multiple Alarms

Security Cameras also come with multiple alarm inputs. You can connect other essential devices including door contact or glass-break sensors with the cameras. This alarm feature sends alert message to the users. For instance: if there is closing and opening of the parking gate, the program will immediately send you alert message to inform what is going on over there.

Undeniably, a video surveillance for parking lot offers numerous benefits, especially when it comes to offer safety. Therefore, you should install a reliable digital monitoring system within the borders of the parking area that can greatly enhance the security level for you, your employees and customers.


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