While renovating the house, the owners generally spend most of their time thinking on the furniture for their living room, and often forget about the importance of ambiance of the space, which is created with a proper set of lighting. Living room is the space where your family members mostly gather, apart from entertaining the guest or reading books, etc. So, lighting serves as a main purpose in both the function and look of the room. In fact, the elements like furniture, showpiece and so on will be properly highlighted only when right lighting is achieved, and they all together can transform a room into a perfect combination of functionality and style.

A good living room lighting scheme depends on different kinds of modern lighting Perth, set at different levels that will turn the space into a warm and attractive place. There is a huge range of options available in the market, which will allow you to control the level of lighting in order to suit the activities that will take place within this particular room. However, the commonly used fixtures associated with a particular layer of lighting are- task, accent and ambient, as they are most versatile enough to be used in a number of ways.

Below, some of these common types of lighting fixtures and their usage are discussed that will help you to select the right lighting fixtures in order to enhance the ambiance of the space.

Task lightings are projected to illuminate for a specific function, especially to target a particular area of a room. The areas within the living room where tasking lights required are- seating areas where gathering and reading usually takes place. For instance: if you want to read a book, good task lights will definitely help you to get works done better.


Showpieces like artwork, sculpture, plants, etc. are highlighted with the accent lighting fixtures. Recessed or adjustable lights are used to focus the point of interest and highlight selected objects. In addition to that, low-level table lamps also help to create a comfy atmosphere in the living room.


Ambient lights, also known as general lightings provide overall lighting for a room and are envisioned to create a uniform light level throughout the area. Ceiling Lights Perth, wall-mounted light or chandeliers can provide the illumination that can offer a warm glow in your living room.

Therefore, the single most important concept in creating a good ambiance within your living room depends on the arrangement of different layers of lightings. The above discussed set of lighting can transform the entire atmosphere of the space, as these fixtures can positively maintain the balance between personality and the functionality of the room.


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