The healthcare industry is extremely vast and has its presence in each and every part of the globe. There are a large number of fields you can choose if you want to make your career in healthcare industry. One such rapidly growing field in the healthcare sector is related to pharmacy. Here are some important pieces of information on how you can choose a good pharmacy program to proceed with.

Getting into pharmacy is extremely competitive and you must be very well prepared. Try to keep your grades in all the examinations high because securing high grades shows your determination, high intelligence, and willingness to burn midnight oil. It also shows that you have learnt very well what you’ve been taught during your academics till the time you appear for a pharmacy entrance examination.

B. Pharm Admission Requirements:

The applicants must have 17 years of age at time of admission with successful completion of the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), or 10+2 exam necessarily in science stream, having Biology/ Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics as main subjects. Admission requirements profusely vary between institutions to consider a candidate for admission. It is crucially important to secure a higher rank in the institutional or state entrance examination. If a candidate is willing to get admitted directly to the 2nd year of B. Pharm (i.e. the lateral entry), then he/she should have passed D. Pharm from a government approved institution.

Training Module and Career Opportunities

The comprehensive training will include significant topics such as proper use of medicines, quantity of doses and time of administering them, over-the-counter-drugs, prescription of drugs, side effects of drugs, and different combinations of medications. The pharmacy sector offers a plethora of opportunities to the students after the successful completion of the course. You can start working in a Pharmaceutical company or start practice as a Pharmacist. There is a flood of opportunities available in both public and the private sector for pharmacy pass-outs. You can also start working in a government sector. Apart from this, you can also actualise your dream of working in a pharmacy company abroad. Government hospitals, private clinics, medical shops, private hospitals, your own consultancy or a medical shop are some other jobs that you can take up after completing the course from the best B Pharm colleges in Meerut or any other city.

Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Management

Taking your career to the next level, you can explore opportunities in pharmaceutical management and marketing as well, as a Production Manager, Medical Representative, Area Manager, etc. In pharmaceutical companies, you can work in departments like Quality Control, Manufacturing, Production and Packaging etc. Some other specialized work areas in pharmaceutical industry include-

  1. Chemical/Drug Technician
  2. Research & Development
  3. Prescription maker to Patients
  4. Scientist
  5. Research Officer
  6. Bio-Technology expert
  7. Drug Therapist
  8. Drug Inspector
  9. Hospital Drug Coordinator
  10. Health Inspector
  11. Pharmacist
  12. Pathological Lab Runner


On the whole, the most crucial aspect in your efforts to explore career opportunities in the filed of pharmacy begins with the choice of the right kind of college or institution. What you have done is not as much important as from where you have done. If you want to pursue B. Pharm course in Uttar Pradesh, then there are some highly reputed institutions in the city of Meerut to serve your purpose. The admission notification from these colleges appears mostly in the month of April or May in all the national dailies with complete details, including the date of examination, eligibility criteria, pattern and centres of entrance examination. You must prepare well to crack the entrance examination because it will very comprehensively check your levels of knowledge gained till date.


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