Salient Advantages of the Contemporary Hot Runner Systems

The use of hot runner die is incredibly increasing in the light of the fact that it provides a more efficient technique of molding plastic parts. The cost savings are also substantial, and the quality of the part is also much better than cold runner. With the continually increasing sophistication of modern plastic molds, the utilization of hot runner molds is simply becoming an industry standard.

There are a large number of applications which are simply are not possible with the conventional cold runner systems, and hot runners bring the best way to maintain highly uniformed wall thickness and wipe out knit lines and flow lines.

Some unique advantages of these contemporary hot runner systems

  • The ‘centre to centre’ length of the hot runner tips is as little as 17 mm.    

  • Standardization of each and every component which can mean great savings in material and manufacturing.    

  • Many large molds fully rely especially on hot runners.

  • Cold runners never meet the demands. 

  • Ability to minimize and resize gate vestige    

  • Absolutely uniform wall thickness    

  • Lower cycle times    

  • Less waste    

  • Reduction or elimination of knit lines    

  • Great for high cavitation molding    

  • Often the only method for micro-molding.

These systems need a new level of technical expertise on the part of the manufacturer. However, it never means that it is highly complicated or highly exclusive. A well designed framework is relatively free from the issue of maintenance, once it is appropriately installed. It may happen, that mold makers get frustrated with these modern systems and swear that they are in extreme trouble. This is often due to the fact that the machine is not duly installed or operated in the incorrectly molding process. Most of Indian mold manufacturers provide their own teams to carry out the installation support.


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