How to Go About Investing Istanbul’s Real Estate

When one hears about the beautiful city of Istanbul, one of the first things that comes to everyone’s mind is its history, massive mosques, bazaars and of course primeval streets that comprises some of the finest spots to experience authentic Turkish cuisine. The baklava, a customary Turkish dessert, has its geneses around Istanbul.

History of Istanbul

The metropolitan just like other parts of the nation vets in it an extensive, dynamic history behind it. Previously known as Byzantium or Constantinople during the time while Christian emperors ruled, the town turned out to be modern day Istanbul only in the 1300s. Just after conquering Turkic tribes made Constantinople their household and the seat of power for the approaching Ottoman Empire that governed almost on the whole of Middle East, Balkans, this is all the way south to the horn of Africa. As the Ottoman Empire stretched out, so did the metropolis. Turkish communities, who in their initial days were itinerant tribes of Eurasia, soon occupied the declining Byzantium. Afterwards a successful crusade, Mehmet II, one of the most persuasive of the Ottoman sultans efficaciously took Constantinople and converted it into an Islamic epicenter of art, literature as well as the capital city of the Ottoman kingdom that would keep on increasing in the subsequent two centuries.

So, much like the times gone by behind the city’s leaders, there is also history behind the city’s monetary life and activity. The oddest area is the eastern part of the city, just around the Bosporus strait lined with primitive structures, ancient leftovers of the past, not to forget the Hippodrome that formerly existed here, a mammoth complex that was in the past used to hold sporting events particularly chariot racing. On the other hand, the real estate in Istanbul lies in the western part that is the contemporary version of the metropolitan and makes Istanbul a truly urban region. Comprehensively industrialized and structured at par with up-to-date financial cities of the world, the western part is both beautiful as well as comfy with its Mediterranean weather.

Hot Properties

Properties for sale in Istanbul are principally in this region. From sky-high residential apartments, commercial centers, and hotel apartments equipped with quality furnishings. The western section serves you with the finest standard of living that’s hard to find in the whole of Eurasia while giving an incredible tourist experience in the eastern part.


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