Why FDI Will Give a New High to Aviation Industry in India


Just after the government of India liberalized the economy of the country in 1991, a large number of private players started coming to the surface with their high potential ventures. Some of the major verticals in which private players got entry were-

The Air Charter Companies in India have made a remarkable progress in comparison to other business verticals. Till the year 1991, there used to be only a single Airline service in the country. But, in the next 10-15 years, around 12 private companies came into play. The chartered flight services provided by these companies have created a new history in Indian Aviation sector.

Salient Characteristics of These Chartered Services

Air Charter Companies in India Cargo Charter Flights Services in India

  • Immediate arrangement of all types of super aircrafts as per the needs of the customers
  • Complete technical, medical and general support during the flight
  • Arrangement of landing permissions in advance for all types of aircrafts
  • Assurance of technical /over-fly permissions
  • Clearing fragile goods in an effortless manner
  • Ground handling facility is provided at all the designated airports across India to the aircrafts and their crews.
  • Immediate arrangement of replacement of A.O.G aircrafts on an urgent basis.

These chartered flight services run by private players in India are used not only by the rich and mighty of the society, but also by the government during the times of natural or man-made calamities like wars. Air Shagoon is one of the leading companies in India providing these services. As per a recent report published in the Financial Times, the aviation sector in India is going to get a huge high by the year 2020, as the government has already given its consent to 100% foreign direct investment. New players have already registered their presence in this sector, and 50 new airports in the tier-2 cities of India will give a never-before boost to this industry in the times to come for sure.


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