Furnish your House with the Perfect Wash Basin

Hand basin also known as wash basin, washbowl and sink is a plumbing fixture used for washing hands and various other purposes. There are different types of such products available in the market. These products are made of different design, size and materials.

Such products are generally made up of ceramic materials because it provides proper strength and durability. However, at present, it is also available in stainless steel and acrylic plastics.

Some of the types of wash basins are discussed below:

  • Pedestal: This type of product is supported by a pedestal and it is made by ceramic materials only. It has a rack-bolt hole which is used to fix it to the wall and the pedestal is used to hide the water drain pipe.

  • Integrated pedestal: This is totally a new product in the market. It is like a single piece toilet and is produced in a single mould. The sink and the pedestal are not produced separately and so that the design looks stunning.

  • Counter top: Counter top basins Perth are usually bowls and found in various shape such as circular, oval, square and rectangular shape along with rim. The rim supports on the slab with hole. It is manufactured in such a way that it can be set on the top of a counter.

Pedestal, integrated or counter top, it depends on the size of the space and the place where you want to use it. And the factor that is to be considered is what look and feel you want in your personal space.


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