Why You Should Get an Amex Black Card?

get Amex black card

The American Express Centurion Card is usually known as the “Black Card,” has turned out to be a status symbol du jour for high-end cardholders. But then again how do you get your hands on one? It is not that easy, but here are a few ideas. The high-end credit card has in point of fact been around for about an era, and shares more mythologies and legends than the entire story arch of The X-Files. Dating back to the 1980s, hip metropolitans spoke of a magical credit card wherein the owners could order up the Concorde for a tour to Paris, or where somebody knew somebody who used a “black” card to purchase the horse Kevin Costner used in the Oscar-winning Dances with Wolves. To date, no stories like the ones listed above have ever been confirmed, but then again that hasn’t stopped some prosperous Americans from wondering if they are missing out by not having the card.

Turn the page to the year 1999, where myth meets realism and American Express in point of fact does release a black credit card — the Centurion, termed after Amex’s corporate logo. The Black Card is made of anodized titanium, a weightier substance that gives the card more bulky, literally and figuratively. Advantages include automatic first-class upgrades on all air company flights. A personal shopper in major cities all across the world, top-of-the-line concierge as well as travel agent service, the first crack at select shows and sporting events, and after-hours treats at select stores and boutiques worldwide.

What’s So Special about Amex Black Card?

But the marketing gurus at Amex made a levelheaded choice to build on the Centurion’s “urban legend” status. Particularly the part about how receiving one is as problematic as getting George Clooney’s personal cell phone number. That is why the Black Card is supplied to favored customers by invitation only, in accordance to American Express. So, how do you go with regards to getting a Black Card? Yes, Amex says that card admittance is granted via “invitation only.” But it is worth mentioning that many cardholders seem to “advance” to the Centurion Card from the American Express Platinum Card, consequently one path to the Black Card must go through the Platinum Card first.

Another possible path to the Centurion card is through your company. Several companies selectively issue Black Cards to select executives. It is not that easy to accomplish, nonetheless, if you get your boss to play ball, you don’t have to get hold of the card, it will find you.


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