Your Guide to Buying Property in Antalya

Hunting for property in Antalya? You must be flabbergasted with so many offers on the table. Buying a property isn’t easy, especially if you are buying property in a foreign land. It takes a lot of research and efforts to realize your dream of owning a property in a foreign country. If this foreign land is Turkey, the confusion reaches another level. Know why? There are so many tempting offers.

house for sale in antalya

Here’s a toast to your decision and a guide to going about it.

Where to look?

If you are planning to buy houses for sale in Antalya, you must not look in the center of the city unless you are looking for a resale deal. An affordable deal will be one that will lie somewhere in the outskirts. Go for one that opens to the sea or the beautiful blue mountains so that you make the most of your purchase. Furthermore, it is very important to check the market record of the place you are considering. If you are considering it to be an investment, you must make sure that the real estate market in that area holds potential of profit in the future.

Finding your property

There are abundant deals available in this booming market of real estate in Antalya. To find your dream house for sale in Antalya, search for a dealer. Internet is your place. You will get millions of deals with various local dealers. Make sure you research well before finalizing. Contact with several dealers, not just one, to find your best deal.

The Dealer Judgement

Zeroing in on a dealer will be difficult. You must be very careful and informed before you chose a dealer to go ahead with. Ask questions and have your dealer answer them in detail. Choosing a dealer experienced with expat clients will be very useful.

Legal factor

Buying a home in Antalya comes with its own set of challenges. Being a foreigner, there are a set of rules and regulations that apply in your case. The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs has set some laws that govern the purchase of property by expats. Going through this guide laid down by the ministry will help you be informed about the laws. Also, take help of multiple professionals to understand the laws without failure.

What to do with your property?

Unless you are relocating to Antalya, you are likely to put your property up for rent. Hiring property managers for this purpose will be helpful. You must very careful about the legal documents of your tenant because if there is any legal issue with your tenant, you might run into major troubles. Do not let your experience turn into an ugly one. Property management services come to rescue in such cases as they make sure your property is taken care of in your absence.


Any purchase comes with its pros and cons. Do not haste and give time to yourself for research. Buying your house in Antalya might turn out to be your best decision if you are careful in each every phase of your purchase process.


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