How To Become A Pro In Asterisk Administration?

Asterisk is basically an open source framework for structuring communication application. It allows the user to attach telephone in making calls or linking other telephone services like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Asterisk controls a variety of conference servers, IP PBX systems, VoIP Gateways and IVR system. Due to its optimum serviceability, Asterisk communication systems are used in more than 170 countries.

asterisk training

Want to be an Asterisk master from a layman?  Then, gain the essential know-how and skills about this software by choosing the right Asterisk training course. For this, we are providing some useful information regarding a wide range of available asterisk training programs.

Understanding The Basics

Basic course

At an entry-level, start with a basic Asterisk course which usually takes 3-4 days to complete. There are several online courses offered under the basic training programs, where by informative lectures and concrete lab exercises, you will be acquainted with the fundamentals of Asterisk. In addition to it, you will also get to know the grounds where it operates – regarding operating system and IP connections.

asterisk training

Here are some of the benefits of this course:

  • The basic Asterisk program makes you a pro in installing and run any Asterisk package available online.
  • It will make you deliver simple PBX functions including call routing, directory services and voicemail.
  • It gives understanding about the operating system environments in which Asterisk is supported.

Advanced course

An advanced Asterisk training usually takes five to seven days, where you are provided with upgraded knowledge and skills to be an Asterisk administrator.  Various topics which you will learn after doing this course are:

  • Linking Asterisk to VoIP provider
  • Features of Asterisk – audio conferencing, call parking etc.
  • Analog Telephony including connecting Asterisk to PSTN
  • How to configure CEL (Channel Event Logging) and CDR (Call Detail Records)
  • How to control Asterisk from an external program
  • About Asterisk and Linux Security including managing a secure system

The Major Asterisk Certifications Are:

DCAP ExamDCAP (Digium Certified Asterisk Professional) is a widely known certification that checks the advanced knowledge and understanding of Asterisk. One can successfully complete this program through advanced level of training course. This certification helps a person to become a successful developer as well as administrator of Asterisk CRM integration applications.

DCAA ExamDCAA (Digium Certified Asterisk Administrator) certification checks basic knowledge of Asterisk. To acquire this certification, one needs to possess a good knowledge regarding configuration, administration and installation of asterisk system. In addition to, one must have thorough know-how of telephone and VoIP.

asterisk training

Conclusion – After opting any of the aforementioned Asterisk training programs, it is not difficult to become an Asterisk master.


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