Bail Bonds: Getting Reprieve from Jail

bail bonds santa ana

Brush with the law is not what anyone would dream of–especially in the city of Santa Ana which has very strict laws for offenders. However, bail bonds are a blessing in disguise for people caught breaking the law. Bail bonds in Santa Ana are security deposit presented in municipal courts to persuade the court to release a convict. Once bail is posted, the prisoner is released.

Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are security deposit where money is either paid in cash or by card in order to get a suspect released from jail. After court announces its judgement, which is in favor of the defendant the bail money is refunded to the depositor. It is the responsibility of the co-signatory that the premium of bail amount is regularly paid. Maximum the bail bond continues is one year, if the bail period has to be extended then additional premium needs to be paid.

Different types of Bails

Getting friend or family out on bail is not an easy task; you need assistance from good bail bond agent. There are four types of bails that you can opt for to release a person.

Cash Bail

In cash bail, amount is paid in cash to the court to release the person from custody. The offender is required to pay the premium till the trial gets over. However, bail plea is only accepted by the court if the crime committed is not punishable.

Recognizable Bail

In this case the defendant promises the court that he or she will mark their presence in the court during proceeding. Bail money is generally not paid in recognizable bail.

Signature Bail

For signature bail the judicial officer imposes a bond stating that the defendant has to be present in the court during every proceeding. Whenever the offender fails to do that, he or she will have to pay the bail amount.

Surety Bail

Surety bail bonds are like giving security to the investor. The defendant has to pay the borrowed money to the investor or bank. If the offender doesn’t pay, the surety has to pay the principle with interest.

Conditions of Bail Bonding

  • The offending party ensures that it will not get involved in any illegal activity
  • The defendant is released on the guarantee that he or she will attend every future proceeding
  • The defendant is release from custody till trial begins

Bottom Line

Bail bonds in Santa Ana present a way of getting a reprieve from the jail and living a normal life till the trial begins.


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