Information on Robert Presley Detention Center Riverside, CA

If your loved one is detained at Robert Presley Detention Centre Riverside, CA, you need information on bail and how you can visit them, among a variety of other information. Getting hold of this information is crucial to all he subsequent steps towards securing your loved one’s freedom and your ability to reach them. The medium security facility holds inmates on a temporary short term basis while they await trial.


The inmates at Robert Presley Detention Centre are allowed unlimited access to the use of mail. This is done to ensure that they keep in touch with their attorneys, families, business associates, friends, and government authorities.  The mail is inspected to ensure that it does not transmit escape plans, contraband, criminal conspiracies or anything else which compromises the facility’s security and the safety of the staff and inmates.  Legal mail such as that between the inmate and federal elected officials, facility commander, state judges and courts, attorneys, and the state’s Corrections standards association.


The facility is located in downtown Riverside and features short and long term parking options. Short term parking is available in the area around the center and long term parking in off-the-ground facilities located to the east and the west of the facility. There is a time limit to how long you can park except when you use the facility below the ground. All the parking spaces are metered.

The facility is the largest in Riverside County and houses prisoners from both sexes. All visits are subject to an appointment which must be made a day prior to the intended visit. Only 2 adults and 2 children can be allowed at any given time twice a week. You can visit 7 days a week and the visiting hours are 9 AM to % PM. There is a great deal of privacy n confidentiality in the design of the detention rooms to allow for better one on one interactions with attorneys. You have to arrive at least half an hour before the scheduled visiting time as the check in commences 20 minutes before that time and lasts for 10 minutes. You can make the appointments on (951) 955-4500 and the facility is located at 4000 Orange Street, Riverside, California 92501.


Bondsmen are available in the jail’s vicinity. You can make arrangements in advance for bail bondsmen to be there at your loved one’s trial so that the payment of bail is expedited as soon as it is granted. Agents offer flexible payment terms for the bond fee and a variety of collateral options when required.


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